Today, we explain how you can introduce Tables to your Site in a very easy way with TablePress (not sponsored).

  • You just have to follow the simple steps that we will show you.


Moreover, we’ll test if this Plugin slows down WordPress, and how much.

  • We’ll compare the speed of the Site with this Plugin installed and without it.


In case you don’t know, in this section we talk about How we are building this Website: our SEO strategy, Plugins we use, our Traffic Results…


This Post will be divided into 3 different parts:

1. How to Insert Tables in WordPress with TablePress.

2. Does TablePress slow WordPress down?

3. Our Google Analytics report for today: Users and Pageviews we have.


Let’s begin:

1. How to Insert Tables in WordPress with TablePress.

Obviously, the first thing you have to do is to Download and Install the TablePRess Plugin.


Download and Install TablePress


Just search for in in your WordPress Plugins menu.


TablePress Menu


Once the Plugin has been Installed and Activated, you’ll have a new Tab in your Dashboard.



Once inside, you have different options:

  • To Add a New Table.
  • To Import one.
  • To Export an existing Table.
  • Plugin Options.


Adding a New Table


To create a New Table is very simple:

  • Just click on the “add” option.



The first thing you have to do is to Name your Table and to define How many Rows and Columns you want.

  • Don’t worry too much: Later, you’ll be able to modify these parameters.
    • Adding Columns, Rows, etc.



The ID will be part of the Shortcode so:

If you plan to have different Tables, we encourage you to use an ID that reminds you what this Table is about.

  • Later, in your WordPress Editor, you’ll only see this Shortcode.



Now, you can fill the Table.

  • With numbers, Words…



The Table Manipulation Menu (below the Table) allows you to modify your Rows and Columns as much as you want.

  • You can also insert Links, Images, etc.



In the Table Options you can also modify some of its Properties.


Finally, you only have to Save Changes, and your Table is ready to be inserted.



Inserting the New Table on a Page


As we mentioned before, to insert the Table, you only have to insert its Shortcode wherever you want.

  • In your WordPress Page or Post Editor.



If you Preview the Page, you’ll see your new Table.

Check how, since we checked the Option “The first Row of the Table is the Table Header” (in Table Options) our First Row looks like this.


As you can see, this Plugin allows you to insert Tables on your Site in a very Easy way.

  • But… Does it Slow it down?


2. Does TablePress slow WordPress down?

As you may already know, we have a special “empty” Site where we test different things and compare Page Speeds with and without them installed.

  • We use the “twenty-twenty” Theme.


To test the different Plugins, Themes, etc.. We use a 200 paragraph Page created with Loren Ipsum and one “heavy” image as our Reference Page.


First, we’ll test the speed of the Reference Page, without any Plugin installed:


Site’s speed without any Plugin Installed


To test the Speed, we use the Lighthouse Option within Chrome’s Inspection Tool.

  • Right-click on a Page and select Inspect.


The Reference Speed we obtained is:

  • Without any Plugin installed.

Performance – Benchmark


Opportunities – Benchmark


As you can imagine, that Largest Contentful Paint of 5.4 seconds is caused by the “heavy” picture.

  • That is why we inserted that image: to have a “realistic” benchmark.


Site’s speed with TablePress


Now, let’s see what happened when we installed TablePress and inserted the Table we showed you earlier:


Performance with TablePress


Opportunities with TablePress


The most significant changes are:

  • Time to Interactive: From 1.9 to 5.1 seconds: +3.2 s.
  • Largest Contentful Paint: From 5.4 to 6.4 seconds: +1 s.
  • Total Blocking Time: From 0 ms to 60 ms: +60 ms.


We are surprised, because we inserted a very small table.

  • It seems that Tables slow down WordPress much more than we expected.


Conclusions on Page speed


If you have a very fast Site and you want to insert small tables, you shouldn’t worry.

If you already have a slow Site and you are worried about its Speed, you should think twice before Installing TablePress.


3. Our Google Analytics report for today: Users and Pageviews we have.

As you can see in the featured image of this Post (top image) we are breaking our records.



We have reached 1.8K users per week.

  • We are only 200 from our target (for this month).



We currently receive 8,782 Pageviews per month.

  • We believe that it will be difficult to reach our Goal for this month; 10,000 Page views.


As always: Thanks for being there!

None of this would be possible without you.

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