It’s has been a writing day.

Tomorrow we’ll edit and publish one of the best Pages we have written so far: “Cash Flow Calculation”.

  • It took its time, but the hard part is already done; tomorrow’s editing and publishing tasks are not really exhausting.

We had a much better page views today, we tell you in advance, but we must be cautious.


In case you don’t know, in this section we talk about How we are building this Website: our SEO strategy, Theme and Plugins we use, our Real Results (Pageviews and Users we have)…


Today’s post will be divided in 2 parts:

1. How did we solve a problem in the WordPress Edit page.

2. Today’s Google Analytics report.


Let’s begin:

1. How did we solve a problem in the WordPress Edit page.

One Editing & Publishing day (a Thursday) we found out that our WP. Bakery didn’t work.

  • We could open it, but as soon as we added an element, we saw nothing inside the Pop-Up window.


Moreover, we realized that on the WordPress Editing pages, the ones where you write your Posts or Pages, there was nothing:

  • Not the “bold” letter button, nor the alignment buttons, the font color one…
  • The words were also not showing up on the “writing” window, that was completely blank.

We couldn’t work at all.

We suspected that one “recently updated” Plugin was causing some trouble, but we didn’t know for sure.


What we did:

  • 1. Updated everything:
    • Plugins, Theme and WordPress version.

It tool its time, and we were a bit afraid, but the problem persisted.


  • 2. Deactivated all the Plugins:
    • Checking whether the problem was solved.
    • (It was the first time we deactivated the WP.Bakery, and seeing all our website completely destroyed… was terrifying).

It didn’t worked for us.


  • 3. We inspected the WordPress Edit page with Google inspection Tool.
    • It showed a tinymce problem.
    • We looked through Google what to do.
    • It seemed a conflict with Javascript (and since we have absolute no idea about Javascript nor php nor anything…).


  • 4. In Google, we found out a potential solution, so we edited our wp-config.php by adding:
    • define(‘CONCATENATE_SCRITPS’, false); 

Nothing… It didn’t worked for us at all.


  • 5. We finally used another Theme (we were a bit afraid, now we don’t know why):
    • The problem then got solved!

But we could not just change our Theme: we like our Theme and everything is “designed” for it…


We use a Child Theme, what means that you can update your “Parent” Theme and all the customizations you made (CSS mainly, as well as everything you changed in your Theme’s functions.php file) will remain intact. Otherwise everything would be lost.


We then just checked whether the problem was with our Child Theme and the little customizations we made or not, so we activated the “Parent” Theme, which is exactly the same as the “Child one” but without any customization.

  • Bingo! it also worked.


At this point we solved it pretty quickly since we only had “touched” one little thing in our “functions.php” Child Theme File:

  • A “Deferring JavaScript code” that supposedly would improve our loading-page speed.
  • We erased it and everything got solve immediately.
  • In fact, our page speed remains exactly the same (on GTMetrix), so the code seemed to be… useless.

Maybe it was a “everything” together:

  • Updating the WordPress.
  • Updating all the Plugins.
  • Erasing this code we found on internet.
  • etc.

But the problem got solved in one single but exhausting day.

* If we are a 100% sincere, we have to mention that now we a bit afraid of updating our Plugins, in case we have other “error” like that.


UPDATE (27/08/2020):

We have noticed that, sometimes, when updating WordPress to the latest version (5.5 version, for example) this problem also occurs.

  • WordPress and WP Bakery editors are blank.

It fact, we experienced this same problem last time we updated our WordPress.


If this is your case, we recently published an interesting Post about it:

There, we share some tips on what to do if you have updated your WordPress and are having problems.


Now, today’s report:

2. Today’s Google Analytics report.

As we told you before, today has been a much better day.

So far, we have been sharing our daily users received with you.


From now on, we’ll also share our daily pageviews.

  • Since we start having more than 2 users per day (sometimes) we think this variable is very important.

We’ll use our Monster Insights daily report:


But what happened yesterday?

As you can appreciate in the Google Analytics Image (at the Top of the Post) we had 8 users and 28 unique Page views according to Monster Insights (linked to Google Analytics).


Yesterday we had a record in Page views!

By now, we have a very small audience, but we are decided to keep on.

We are maintaining our strategy of building very good content, not just because they say that it is the best for your SEO, but because we want to share our Professional experience with everybody properly.

You can see here “live” whether it works or not.

Tomorrow, more.

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