Today we’ll analyze another popular WordPress Theme: Neve.


We’ll briefly analyze how it looks, and most important: How it affects the speed of your page.

  • Does it slow down WordPress? Or does it make your Site faster?


As usual, we will use our Test Site:

  • We’ll measure the Page Speed with Neve installed… And without it.


In case you don’t know, in this section we talk about How we are building this Website: our SEO strategy, Plugins we use, our Traffic Results…


This Post will be divided into 3 different parts:

1. What does Neve Theme offer?

2. Is Neve a fast Theme? How does it affect Page Speed?

3. Our Google Analytics report for today: Users and Page Views we have.


Let’s begin:

1. What does Neve Theme offer?


Neve is a Free highly-compatible Theme that claims to be Fast and SEO friendly.

  • We’ll put this claim to the test.


We have tested it with a replica of our Site (hosted locally) and we can ensure that it is compatible with the WPBakery (Visual Composer).

  • They claimed that it is compatible with Page Builders so, we tested it.


Also, as many other Themes, it is Responsive and compatible with WooCommerce.

  • We think that today, virtually all Themes are Responsive.



  • They promise High compatibility with a Fast performance.


And… How does it look?


Since it is a multipurpose Theme, it presents a a “hybrid” appearance:

  • Half Sober and “professional”, half Visually attractive.


By contrast, the Twenty-Twenty Theme is much more Visually oriented:


This is the exact same Post using the Twenty-Twenty Theme.

  • As you can appreciate, it doesn’t look as “serious” or “professional” as the Neve Theme.


Since its appearance would depend on your Site and, it is a free Theme, we will not go into more details.

  • You can try it and, if you don’t like, uninstall it.


Now comes the interesting question:

  • Is Neve as fast as they say?


2. Is Neve a fast Theme? How does it affect Page Speed?

As usual, we have tested the Page Speed of our Test Site, using the Twenty-Twenty Theme in order to have a Reference Speed.

  • To do so, we use Chrome’s Lighthouse Tool, within the Inspection menu.


This Site has no Plugins installed, just one Sample Post consisting of:

  • 200 Paragraphs.
  • 1 Heavy Image.


Performance – Benchmark

* This Largest Contentful Paint (5.2 s) is due to the Large Image we use in the sample Post.

  • We wanted to have a representative Page to test.


Opportunities – Benchmark


Then, we have Installed  and Activated the Neve Theme:


Performance with Neve Theme


Opportunities with Neve Theme


We didn’t expect these results, at all: It actually improved page speed results.

  • When we tried OceanWP (another “multipurpose” Theme) we were surprised by how much it slowed down WordPress.


The most significant variation is the reduction in the Largest Contentful Paint.

  • From 5.2 s to 3.2 s: That is a reduction of 2 seconds.


We are surprised because, when Themes are “highly compatible”, they tend to slow down the Site.


Should you Install Neve Theme?


Yes. Definitely.

We have verified that:

  • It is a Highly-Compatible Theme.
    • We checked it with a replica of our Site.
  • It is a Fast Theme.
    • It is remarkably faster then the Twenty-Twenty theme.


3. Our Google Analytics report for today: Users and Page Views we have.

Our numbers have been stagnant for 3 weeks.



As you can see in the upper image of the Post, we have not exceeded 2,600 weekly users.

  • In fact, now we have 2,500.

We hope that this November our users will increase again.



We currently receive 14,884 Pageviews per month.

  • Our page views have increased while our users have remained constant.
    • That means we get more visits from the same users: Which is good.


As always:

Thanks for being there.

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