November is over.

  • And, it has been a good month.

We are prepared for December and the decrease in traffic at Christmas.


This month, we have introduced some changes in the monthly Special Post.


As our “Top pages”, “Queries”, and “Worst page” remain practically constant, we have decided to share other information that may be more helpful to our users:

  • Devices used, Plugins we Use and Number of Publications we have.


We know that, if you follow this Diary regularly, you already know all of this but, there are people who find this monthly Post and know anything about our Site.

  • This information can be of much more help for them.


However, if the “Queries” we receive or our “Top Publications” vary remarkably, we’ll of course, inform you.


If you want to check all our Monthly Posts, as well as all the Posts we’ve published related with our SEO strategy, results, Plugins…


We’ll divide this Post into 7 different parts:

1. Evolution of the results of our website.

  • Clicks, Rankings, Impressions, Users and Page Views.

2. Modifications carried out this past month.

3. Devices used by our Users and Traffic Channels.

4. How many Publications do we have.

5. All the Plugins we use.

6. Main countries that visited our website in the last month.

7. How much we earn with AdSense.


Let’s begin:

1. Evolution of the results of our website.

Total Impressions and Average position evolution.


First of all we want to mention that now, Google Search Console does not allow us to obtain data from before July 21, 2019.

  • Last month we didn’t have this “problem”.

We have always shown our data since May 1, 2019.


We understand that Google can’t keep millions of Terabytes forever. We have no complaints, of course.

  • We just wanted to share this change with you.


As you can see in the image above, our Average Ranking has improved a little bit and our Impressions continue to grow steadily.


Users Received:

The solid line represents Users received in November – The dotted one represents October.


As you can see, we received 22.9% more Users in November than in October.

  • In October we received 11K Users.


Pageviews per month:


We have almost reached our goal of 20,000 Pageviews in November.

  • We didn’t expect to be this close to reaching it, honestly.


Let’s compare these results with what we got last month:

  • 30% increase in Pageviews.
  • 30% increase in Sessions.
  • 5% decrease in Average Session Duration.
  • 1% increase in Bounce Rate.


As you can see, our Average Session Duration and Bounce Rate still need to improve… A lot.

  • We have to improve our content and the User experience.


2. Modifications carried out this past month.

We have change the structure of our monthly SEO Posts, as explained above.


Also, we updated our WordPress to 5.5, as we explained in our “Updating WordPress to 5.5” Post.


Nothing else.


3. Devices used by our Users and Traffic Channels.


Many people think that mobile devices are displacing desktop searches.


This is our data from the last month:

  • Desktop searches = 77% of our total traffic.
  • Mobile searches = 22% of our total traffic.


Traffic Channels:


Our Direct traffic has almost doubled this November.

  • From 7.5% to 14.3%


This increase is notable since we don’t promote our Site in any way.

  • Not even our friends or family know about this Site.

We do this to have pure data of our Users.


4. How many Publications do we have.


We have published:

  • 133 Pages of 1,500 to 2,000 words.
  • 116 SEO Posts (we only Post in this Diary) of 700 to 800 words.

In total, we have 249 publications (250 including this one).


Our Forums are currently dead.

  • No one has Posted yet.

Most of those 64 Users have not interacted in any way: they are “ghost” users.


5. All the Plugins we use.


These are all our Plugins. As you can see, we have 19 Plugins.

  • We use KLEO Theme.


The biggest (or heaviest) are BuddyPress and WPBakery.


In case you don’t know, WPBakery is a Page Builder.


6. Main countries that visited our website in the last month.


The United States has been our first visiting country, followed by India.

  • Our traffic from the UK has doubled since last month.


7. How much we earn with AdSense.

As we always tell you, we would like to share all of our AdSense results with you.


However, we’re not sure we can do it.

  • Google’s Terms of service tells you not to share performance metrics.
    • And we want to 100% comply with Google’s terms and conditions.


We are aware that we could share our AdSense Gross Income (AdSense allows you to do so) but, since we share our Pageviews, Users, etc. here, we don’t know if it could be a problem.


As we do in our monthly Posts, we’ll tell you this:

  • This Novemberwe have earned enough for buying 6 beers.



It is 2 beers more compared to last month.

  • A 50% increase.


Again, we have not yet reached the payment threshold.

  • Our earnings are still zero, technically speaking.



Remember: if you are interested in our SEO Strategy, which Theme, Plugins… we use, we recommend you to visit our “Website Building and SEO Diary” section.

  • There, you’ll find a very useful Index with all our publications sorted by Topic treated.

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