WordPress 5.6 (Simone) is here, and we have installed it.


Today, we’ll share with you our experience and what to expect from this WordPress version:

  • We test if our Plugins work correctly or not.
  • We compare our Page Speed with WordPress 5.5 and 5.6.


5.5 version had different problems so WordPress has released a new version quickly in order to solve them.

  • Has it worked?

Now we’ll find it out.


In case you don’t know, in this Diary we talk about How we are building this Website: our SEO strategy, Plugins we use, our Traffic Results…


This analysis will be divided into 4 parts (+ our traffic results, as usual):

1. Our Page Speed with WordPress 5.5.

2. Updating WordPress to 5.6.

  • Did we find any Issue?
    • What Plugins do we use.

3. Page Speed results with WordPress 5.6.

  • Page Speed Results Comparison.

4. Conclusion: Should you Update your WordPress to 5.6?

5. Our Web traffic: Page Views and Users we have.


Let’s begin:

1. Our Page Speed with WordPress 5.5.

Before updating our site to WordPress 5.6, we tested its speed using the “Lighthouse” tool offered by Google Chrome.


We have used our our “Product Mix” Page for our Speed Reference.

  • It is a relatively successful publication


Page Speed results with WordPress 5.5






Note that we got these bad results because the “Lighthouse” tool measures Mobile data by default.


Our desktop results are much better, but since we are interested in How the Speed changes (WordPress 5.5 vs 5.6) we don’t care which platform we use as reference.

  • We want to analyze the variance rather than the absolute results.


2. Updating WordPress to 5.6.

We are aware that in our “Should you update WordPress to 5.5?” Post we recommended that:

  • For a second-decimal WordPress update (5.5.2 to 5.5.3) we wait at least 1 month.
  • For a first-decimal decimal WordPress update (5.5 to 5.6) we wait at least 2 months.
  • For a major WordPress update (from 4 to 5) we wait at least 6 months.


Why didn’t we wait 2 months?


Because this WordPress Update has been release to “fix” the “mess” of the previous one.

  • The 5.5 version generated numerous problems.


Did we experience any problem with WordPress 5.6?


No. All our Plugins and Theme worked perfectly.

  • We experienced not a single issue with the 5.6 version.


Plugins we use:


We use KLEO Theme.


3. Page Speed results with WordPress 5.6.

After updating our WordPress to version 5.6, we tested again the Speed of our Reference Page.

These are the results we obtained:


Page Speed results with WordPress 5.6






The Performance results are practically the same in both versions.


However, in the Opportunities, we found a very interesting change:

  • The “Preload key requests” metric increased from 2.66 to 6.42 seconds: + 3.76 s.


Why do we say this is interesting? Is this bad?

  • Not necessarily.


Performance Indicators remained constant and the “Preload key requests” time increased (as an Opportunity).

This could mean that now, with this new WordPress version (5.6) you can improve more your Speed results by adjusting the “Preload key requests.


The room for improvement may have increased with all Speed indicators constant.

  • That can be a good thing.


However, since we are not experts in this Field (coding) we’ll only highlight that:

  • Page Speed has remained virtually constant.

That is for sure.


4. Conclusion: Should you Update your WordPress to 5.6?

Yes. Definitely.


It seems to fix problems from the previous version.

  • Also, these new versions are using some new code protocols that will be employed from now on.

The sooner you test and adjust your Site, the better.


However, if you have any problem with any of your Plugins, visit our “We update our WordPress to 5.5” Post.

  • There, we solved some of the problems that that version caused in a very simple way.

Maybe, it can be helpful for you.


5. Our Web traffic: Page Views and Users we have.

Our numbers are still rebounding from the Christmas Holidays.



We currently have 3,200 users per week.

  • Before Christmas we had 4,200.



We currently receive 16,258 Page Views per month.

  • One month ago, we were receiving more than 22,000.


We expect these numbers to improve again the following weeks.


As always, thanks for being there.

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