It’s been 22 months since we started this Site.


Today, we’ll analyze our results from this past month (February 2021).

  • As we usually do at the beginning of every month.


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As usual, this Post will be divided into 5 different parts:

1. Evolution of the results of our website.

  • Clicks, Rankings, Impressions, Users and Page Views.

2. Modifications carried out this past Month.

3. Traffic Channels.

4. Main countries that visited our website in the last month.

5. How much we earn with AdSense.


Let’s begin:

1. Evolution of the results of our website.

Total Impressions and Average position evolution.


Unfortunately, our traffic have been stagnant since January.

Yes, it has slightly improved but we receive practically the same number of users per week.


Users Received:

The solid line represents Users received in February – The dotted one represents January.


As you can see, February and January pretty much overlap.

  • This is not good.


We wanted to see a clear increase in Users.

  • Last month, we received 15K Users: Virtually the same.


Pageviews per month:


If we compare these results with what we got last month, we’ve had:

  • 13% increase in Pageviews.
  • 11% increase in Sessions.
  • 6% increase in Average Session Duration.
  • 1% decrease in Bounce Rate.


Again, these are not good (enough) results.

  • We are aware that February is a 28 days month, of course.


But, we are used to a +30% increase in monthly users.

  • A 13% increase is a weak increase.


2. Modifications carried out this past Month.


We have added a little clarification on our “About Us” Page.

  • Now, we’ve highlighted How Users can contact us.


3. Traffic Channels.


Our Direct traffic has dropped from 21.4% to 6.6%.

  • It is an important decrease.


Currently, 91.2% of our traffic is Organic.


We don’t know Why.

  • We will study the numbers to find out.


4. Main countries that visited our website in the last month.


There hasn’t been much change here: The US remains as our main source of traffic.

  • This month, India has overtaken the UK as our second visiting country.


5. How much we earn with AdSense.

This last month, we have made practically the same amount of money as the previous one:


  • The equivalent of 6 beers.


As we usually tell you:

By now, we don’t share our AdSense results because, as we share all of our Analytics and Search Console data, we don’t know if there might be a problem in sharing our AdSense earnings as well.

  • You are allowed to share them, but not your metrics. That is why we doubt.



Remember: if you are interested in our SEO Strategy, which Theme, Plugins… we use, we recommend you to visit our “Website Building and SEO Diary” section.

  • There, you’ll find a very useful Index with all our publications sorted by Topic treated.

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