It’s been a bit more than 6 months since we installed AdSense in our Site.


Now it is time to see back and ask the next questions:

  • Is it what we expected?
  • How much are we Earning?
  • What are its Advantages and Disadvantages?
  • What Conclusions can we draw?


Now, we’ll analyze all these questions.


In case you don’t know, in this Diary we talk about How we are building this Website: our SEO strategy, Plugins we use, our Traffic Results…


As usually, this Post will be divided into 2 different sections:

1. Our experience with Google AdSense after 6 months.

  • Our Impressions.
  • How much we are Earning.
  • Pros and Cons.
  • Conclusions.

2. Our Google Analytics report for today: Users and Pageviews we have.


Let’s begin:

1. Our experience with Google AdSense after 6 months.





  • The platform is very Easy to use and Configure.
  • It explains everything you have to do very easily, Step by Step.
  • It is very Visual.
  • The Reports contain lot of useful Data.


For us, the platform works perfectly (or at least, that is what we think).

Also, with Auto Ads, everything is extremely simple.


If you are interested about it, visit our “Get Started in AdSense” Page.

  • There we explain everything, Step by Step.




Here comes the million dollar question:

  • How much are we earning?


First of All: AdSense allows you to disclose your gross earnings but not your metrics.

  • According to its Terms of Service.


The problem is: Since we share all our Analytics metrics, Pageviews, etc…

We don’t know if sharing our Gross income could cause us a problem in the future.

  • We would like to share everything with you, but we want to be 100% compliant with Google’s terms.


However, we will tell you this:

We still have not earned more than $50 per month.

  • And we have exceeded 25,000 monthly page views recently.



Honestly, we expected more


But, it is not Google’s fault.

The problem is all the people who share False and Exaggerated information about their Income.


Google has never promised us anything.

  • It is scammers and “false gurus” who create excessive expectations.


And, of course… We surely could have done things better.





  • AdSense is very easy to Use.
    • The Process of verification is quick and simple.
  • There are Instructions and Information for everything.
  • The Platform is very Visual.
  • The Data is Abundant.
  • There are frequent updates and improvements.



  • You don’t know what to expect.
  • There is no information about the Status of your Site.
    • How Google sees your Site’s Authority.
  • You have no data about similar Sites.
  • Google Analytics and AdSense Data differ, a lot.
    • And there are not many explanations about it.




As you can see in the “Cons”, our biggest concern is what to expect.


We know that it is difficult for Google to make a forecast because:

  • Users can come from very different countries.
  • Your Content can be better or worse.
  • You can use a language that engages with your users… or not.


But, sometimes, we feel a bit blindfolded with AdSense.


We don’t know:

  • If we could do better.
  • What we could do better.
    • If we could hook our users more.
  • If our Advertisers pay us less because we lack Authority.
  • What we could do to improve our Authority.
  • etc.


And, to know that, we would need information about Similar Sites.

  • It could be Anonymous information from Sites that decided to share their results.


Apart from  that, we are happy with AdSense.

People who criticize it, forget that it offers a free platform (they have a commission, of course) information

… And have helped millions of Site owners make some money doing what they love.


And, as we said before, many people complain that they pay little because they have believed what they have been told on some YouTube channels, that they blatantly lie to attract customers.


2. Our Google Analytics report for today: Users and Pageviews we have.

Finally, our traffic has increased again.




As you can see in the top image of the Post, we have received 4,700 users in the last 7 days.

  • Our record so far.



We currently have 26,317 Pageviews per month.

  • Also, our record so far.


We are concerned about this small monthly increase (4%) but, as our results have improved in recent days, we will have to wait a few days before drawing any conclusions.


As always, thanks for being there.

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