We started this Site from scratch almost 2 years ago.

  • We started it on May 1, 2019.


This month, we finally reached 1,000 pageviews per day.

  • Consistently, not just on one single day.

Summary of our monthly results


You may be wondering:

  • What did it take to reach this number of Pageviews?
  • How many publications did we have?
  • How often do we Publish?
  • Was it easy to reach?
  • How much are we earning with AdSense?


Now, we’ll analyze all these questions.


In case you don’t know:

In this Diary we talk about How we are building this Website from scratch: our SEO strategy, Plugins we use, our Traffic Results…


Let’s begin:


How to get 1,000 Pageviews per day


First of all, we want to point out that YouTube and the entire Web are full of scammers.

  • People that brag about How much they earn with their Blog.
  • People who say that reaching 100,000 page views per month is very easy.
  • People who “have a method” to success in 1 year.
  • etc.

We are sure that experienced professionals can do much better than we did, of course.



  • We are full time dedicated to this Site.
  • We talk about things we know and love.
  • We are continuously studying our results to make better content.


Even so, it took us 2 years to reach 1,000 pageviews per day.



  • It has not been easy.
  • It has not been quick.
  • … And we are not earning practically anything.


We can’t guarantee you that you would need 2 years to reach these numbers.

  • It might take less time … Or you might never hit 1,000 page views per day.

We can only show you what it took us.


Let’s see what we needed:



Summary of everything we have published so far


As you can see, at the mooment we hit 1,000 daily Pageviews, we had:

  • 159 Pages of 1,500 to 2,000 words.
  • 130 Posts (This SEO Diary) of 700 to 800 words.


Ignore the Forums. They are completely dead.

  • To be honest, we didn’t expect them to fail so badly.


How often do we post? Every week, we publish:

  • 2 Pages.
  • 1 Post.

Now, we’ll try to publish 1 additional Page (if we can guarantee its quality).


Evolution of Pageviews

Daily Page views evolution  Google Analytics


As you can see, the first 6 months were absolutely terrible.

  • There was almost no movement at all.
    • 1 Pageview per day in the first month.
    • 5 Pageviews per day the second month.
    • etc.


Check all our Posts from the beginning in our “Website building Diary“.

  • We have shared our results since we started this Site.
    • You can see the evolution of our results day by day.


Traffic Flow

Top Channels


Regarding our Traffic Channels:

  • 87.7% of our Traffic comes from Organic Search.
  • 10.3% comes from Direct traffic.


Google Search Console Data

Google Search Console data from the last 16 months


Google Search Console doesn’t allow us to get data before 16 months.


Even so, you can easily appreciate How our results improved little by little.

  • The Downtrends correspond to Christmas and Summer Holidays.


How much we are earning with AdSense


We earn enough to buy 8 beers per month.

  • Not very much.


If you heard things like:

  • I make $500 a month with AdSense with a 15,000 Page views per month Blog“.

That is completely false.

  • Divide that number by 15, and you will get a closer result.


We can’t be 100% sure, of course, but… We have seen extremely different results from what “gurus” say.

We tell you our real experience with our numbers.


We don’t sell anything.

  • We have not a single reason to lie to you.

After seeing that the Internet is full of scammers, we wanted to share our real experience with people that don’t know what to expect from their Sites.


Why we don’t show our AdSense data? As we usually tell you:

By now, we don’t share our AdSense results because, as we share all of our Analytics and Search Console data, we don’t know if there might be a problem in sharing our AdSense earnings as well.

  • You are allowed to share them, but not your metrics. That is why we doubt.


And donations with PayPal?


We added PayPal donations just because we are a bit “old-style”.


In 2 years, ZERO donations.

  • It seems us fair enough.

I’ve never made a donation so I wasn’t expecting anything.


We created this site to share free knowledge, and everything will continue to be free for our users.

  • We are very happy with it.


We added the “donation” button because it is extremely easy and we lose nothing.

  • Maybe, if we asked for donations somehow… We could have earned some money.


If you are starting your Site, you can add a PayPal donation button but… Don’t expect much of it.



This has been our experience reaching 1,000 page views per day.


Again: we are sure that each Site can have different results.

And even more if you have previous experience (which we didn’t have).

  • We just wanted to shared ours in a transparent way so you better know what to expect.


If you are interested in our complete experience, check our Posts starting from the first one:

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