It’s been 2 Years since we started this Site from scratch.


When we started it, we didn’t know what to expect:

  • How many Page Views were good or bad.
  • How much money we could earn with Ads.
  • etc.

We looked for information on the Internet and, although there were lots of SEO experts and Gurus, nobody shared their numbers in a transparent way.


That is why we started this Website Building Diary section:

To share our experience with anybody starting a Website that feels a bit lost and doesn’t know what to expect.


2 long years have passed… And today, we will summarize our experience.

  • We want to share it with you, as always, with total transparency.


* Check out our “1-Year Special Post” if you want to analyze How our results have evolved this last year.


Now, we’ll talk about:

1. Page Views we have in our 2 year old Site.

  • Google Analytics results.
  • Google Search Console results.

2. How many Publications do we have.

  • And How often we Publish.

3. How long did it take us to reach 30,000 Page Views?

  • And, 2,000, 3,000 Page Views, etc.

4. How much money we are making with our 2 Year Site.

  • Is it what we expected?

5. Our SEO Strategy.

  • What we are doing.
  • What we have learnt so far.

6. Tips for those who are starting a Site.


Let’s begin:

1. Page Views we have in our 2 year old Site.


Google Analytics2 Year Site daily Pageviews evolution

Daily Page Views evolution since we started this Site.


As you can see, the first year was pretty flat.

When we started this Site, we thought that, after 6 months, our Page Views would skyrocket.

  • However, although our results improved, we only had 1,000 monthly Pageviews.


It takes time.


And, in case you think it was due to our lack of experience…

  • Even our most successful Publications took 4 to 6 months to Rank (or even more).


Current Monthly Pageviews

Our Dashboard Overview report.


We currently have 33,439 Pageviews per month.


We know what you might be thinking right now:

  • 33,000 Pageveiews per month, after 2 years… Seems few.


Maybe, we don’t know.

  • We only know that these are our results.


Now let’s take a look at our Google Search Console data:


Google Search Console Results


Google Search Console results – Total clicks and Total impressions


As you can see, our 2 Year old Website receives an average of:

  • Clicks per day: 400.
    • These are Clicks from organic searches done with Google.
  • Impressions per day: 15,000.
    • This is the number of times our Pages are shown on Google.


1 Year ago, we had:

  • 85 daily Clicks.
  • 6,000 daily Impressions.


Check our: “1 Year old Site” Page, if you want to see our Results from 1 year ago.


* We can’t show you data from the first months because GSC doesn’t keep data before 16 months.

  • You can visit our first publications and check the data that is not shown here.


Google Search Console results – Total impressions and Average position


Here we want to clarify a great confusion that people often have.


As you can see, the Average position metric is not very useful “per se”.


  • Because it depends on what Query you are Ranking for.


You could be Ranking 1 in Google for minor Queries and you would be having poor results.

On the other hands, if you ranked 20 for a very popular Query, your results would be much better.


Our overall “Average Positions”, have not improved very much.

  • However, we now Rank better for more popular Queries.


Traffic Channels


  • 88% of our audience comes from Organic Searches.
  • 10% of our users enter through Direct Searches (by URL).
  • 2% of our visits are Referred visits (by sharing one of our publications).


Top visiting countries

Last month’s Top visiting countries.


There are not many changes for us here.

USA is, and has always been our main visiting country since we started this Site.

  • India and the UK are second and third respectively.


2. How many Publications do we have.

Our Dashboard data – How many Pages and Posts we have.


So far, we have published:

  • 164 Pages.
    • Publications where we talk about Business and Entrepreneurship.
      • Based on our Professional Experience.
  • 132 Posts.
    • Where we share our experience building this Site from scratch.
      • This “Website Building and SEO diary” section.
  • Forums:
    • Our Forums are dead… We’re waiting for our users to ask us something, or share some interesting content.


On average, our publications are:

  • Pages: around 1,500 to 2,000 words long.
  • Posts: around 700 to 800 words long.


3. How long did it take us to reach 30,000 Page Views?

Monthly Page Views Time Diagram.


As you can see, we needed:

  • 1 year for achieving 5,000 Pageviews per month.
  • 1 year and 5 months for achieving 10,000 Pageviews per month (+ 5 months).
  • 1 year and 8 months for achieving 20,000 Pageviews per month (+ 3 months).
  • 1 year and 10 months for achieving 30,000 Pageviews per month (+ 2 months).


Growth is not linear.

The most difficult are the first 5,000 Pageviews.

  • After that, everything goes much faster (until now).


4. How much money we are making with our 2 Year Site.


We currently earn enough to buy 8 (good) beers per month (with AdSense).

  • Not much, we know.


To be honest, we expected our AdSense earnings to be much higher.

  • In fact, around 5 to 7 times more.


We are aware that our Site still doesn’t have much authority.

  • The problem is: There is no way of knowing what to expect in the future.


If you are interested in Google Adsense and What we have learned so far, visit:

There we explain everything you need to know.


As we usually tell you:

By now, we don’t share our AdSense results because, since we share all of our Analytics and Search Console data, we don’t know if there might be a problem in sharing our AdSense earnings as well.

  • You are allowed to share them, but not your metrics. That is why we doubt.


5. Our SEO Strategy.

Our Strategy is exactly the same as we had 1 year ago:


We don’t promote our Website in any way.


  • This has allowed us to know How Google works.
    • What our users are interested about.
    • What Content is good.
    • How to write good publications.
    • etc.
  • If we had lots of “artificial” visits, we would have confusing useless data.


We don’t use any SEO Plugin.


  • 90% of SEO is based on How you write your Content and What you write about.
    • The Topics you talk about.
    • How the text is structured.
    • Titles distribution (H1, H2, H3…).
    • etc…
  • You’ll only improve your SEO Skills if you learn it the hard way: By Yourself.


Helpful Content is King.


  • Talk about something that helps your Users.
  • After dozens of studies, we have concluded that:
    • Length is not a determining factor.
    • Title and Meta descriptions are not as important as some experts say.
  • The only “metric” that matters is How Helpful your Publication is to your Users.


6. Tips for those who are starting a Site.


Be patient:

  • Even the best Publications need several months to Rank.


Don’t modify your Strategy frequently:

  • Otherwise, you won’t have reliable results to trust.


Post about things that can be Helpful for your Users:

  • Think about problems you have had and how you have solved them.


Use Google Search Console to improve your Content:

  • Analyzing the Queries that bring Users to your Pages.


Don’t trust SEO Gurus:

  • The data and expectations they give are practically always false.


Don’t expect much money from AdSense:

  • You’ll earn few dollars per month, specially, if you start your Site from scratch.



As we usually tell you:

We hope that all this information has been useful to you in some way.

  • We wish we would have had this data 2 years ago.


Remember: In our “Website Building and SEO Diary” you’ll find all our Posts.

  • In our first publications, we had zero users per day so, it is very interesting to see how our Pageviews evolved over time and how we solved the problems we found.


As always: thanks for being there.

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