In case you missed us these last 2 weeks…

We have to tell you that we were on a little “vacation”.


As you can see in the Post’s top image, our numbers have stalled these last 7 days


But also this past month:

Our Users from the past 28 days.


If you’ve ever started your own project, you already know that this is very demotivating.


We will give you some Advice that we apply very often:

  • When you feel a bit tired or frustrated, take some days off.


After you have rested for a few days:

  • Analyze things calmly.
  • Check what alternatives you have.
  • Highlight what is working, and what not.


Thanks to these “Days off” we have discovered and done very interesting things on the Site that are working wonderfully.

  • We have cleaned things, improved others… And made right decisions.


We will share everything we have done with you in the next weeks.


Sorry for being “out” these 2 weeks, but we really needed to stop and think.


Thanks for being there.

None of this would be possible without you.

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