1 week ago, we realized that our numbers decreased more than expected.


We understand that our numbers drop as soon as summer comes.

  • But, this time is a bit different.


On Monday, our traffic decreased 20% compared to the previous Monday.

  • It is the first time we experience this decrease in traffic.

At this time of the year (in Christmas or Summer Holidays it is normal).


What happened?

  • Google Updated its algorithm.


This algorithm was introduced on June 2, 2021.

Look at what happened to our results the next day (as you can see in the Top image):

Our Google Analytics results on June 3 2021.


Therefore, our Monthly Pageviews have decreased a little bit:

Our Monthly Pageviews have slightly decreased.


In addition, Google has stated that, this Algorithm will be updated in 1 month (July 2021).

  • And it has warned website owners not to jump to conclusions for now.


That is exactly what we will do. Wait.


However, what will Google Value more from now on with this update?

  • Good Page Experience.


What is Page experience?

  • Not having any Mobile usability Issue.
  • Not having any Security Issue.
  • Having Fast Loading Publications.


What does this mean?

It means that, you’ll have to work much more on your Site Speed Optimization:

  • CLS should be lower that 0.1.
    • Cumulative Layout Shift measures that your Site suffers no displacements.
      • Those annoying movements that sometimes occur in certain pages.


  • LCP should be lower than 2.5 seconds.
    • Longest Contentful Paint measures How long it takes to load the largest Element on Page.
      • No matter where that Element is placed in the Page.


  • FID should be lower than 100 ms.
    • First Input Delay measures time to Interactivity and Responsiveness.
      • How long it takes to the Page to be Interactive.


And, these values are not always easy to achieve.


As you know, we have recently moved our Ads to Ezoic (not Sponsored, by the way.



Basically, because it offers much more things than AdSense, as well as higher earnings.

  • We will create a Page dedicated to it.


We say this because, at Ezoicyou have access to Different Tools that increase your Site Speed.

  • We didn’t know it when we joined.


In fact, we are almost 100% compliant with Google Search Console Requirements thanks to Ezoic.

  • CLS lower than 0.1.
  • LCP lower than 2.5 seconds.
  • FID lower than 100 ms.

* This is why we are not very worried about this new Google Algorithm Update even if our Pageviews decreased.


Few days ago, Ezoic announced that they would no longer require 10,000 monthly pageviews to join their platform.


That is why, in the next weeks, we’ll:

  • Analyze what Ezoic offers.
  • Find Out which is the best configuration for obtaining good Page Speed Results.
  • Disclose How much you can earn.


We’ll share our Conclusions and Optimal Configurations, here.

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