This Past June has been a difficult month for us.


Google Released it new Core Update.

  • And, as you can see in the Top image, we have been hit by it.


However, we have not spent a single day worrying but Fixing and Improving things.

  • This has been a month of important modifications.


Today, we’ll share with you our Decreasing numbers, and the main modifications we have made to improve them.


In July, Google will release another Core Update.

  • Hopefully, our modifications will help us improve our Traffic.


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Today, we’ll analyze:

1. Evolution of the results of our website.

  • Clicks, Rankings, Impressions, Users and Page Views.

2. Traffic Channels.

3. Modifications carried out this past Month.

4. How many Plugins do we have.

5. Main countries that visited our website in the last month.


Let’s begin:

1. Evolution of the results of our website.


Average position evolution.


As you can see, our Rankings have dropped since the beginning of June.

  • In fact, by the end of May they had already started to decline.


The Core Update was released on June 2.


Users Received:

The solid line represents Users received in June – The dotted one represents May.


Our Pageviews have been decreasing day by day.

  • Last month, we received 24,000 users. A 20% more.


Pageviews per month:


Last Month (May) we had 35,238 Pageviews. A 24% more.


2. Traffic Channels.


Our Organic Traffic has Decreased and our Direct Traffic has held up.

  • Therefore, our Direct traffic has increased in percentage.

This month it represents a 16% and last month it was 8.5%.


3. Modifications carried out this past Month.

Since this Google Core Update values Page Experience and Penalizes empty Directories

We have Removed everything we didn’t need:

  • Plugins that slowed Down our Site.
  • Plugins we didn’t use.
  • Plugins that created lots of empty Directories.


We have Removed BuddyPress



As you may already know, we wanted this Site to be an Interactive/Social Site.

But, by now, with 35,000 Pageviews (our maximum) we only had a couple of “active users”.


It created lots of Directories (Member pages, Profiles, etc…) and Slowed down our Site.

  • It doesn’t worth it.


We also removed all the Plugins associated to it:

  • bbPress.
  • Social Articles.
  • BuddyPress Docs.
  • BP Profile Search.

Maybe, we waited too much to do this.


We Removed Contact Form 7


We used this Plugin for our “Business Analysis Request” Contact Form.

  • However, virtually everyone who contacts us, does it by mail.
    • Without using the Contact Form.


Also, we analyzed it with a Test Site, and realized that it Slows down the entire Site.

  • Rather than just the Contact Form page.


If you check our “Business Analysis Request” Page, you’ll see what alternative we use now:

  • A simple guideline that Users can follow (or copy) to share their Projects with us.


We Removed MonsterInsights


When we started this Site, we had no idea of How to link our Site to Google Analytics.

  • Then, we discovered that MonsterInsights did it in a simple and safe way.


Now that we think about it, we’re a bit embarrassed because we had an easier and lighter alternative in front of us all the time:

We have inserted the Google Analytics tracking code with an Option that has our Theme.

  • We use KLEO Theme.


We have done much more things.

However, they are things related to our Ezoic’s Leap Configuration (a Page Speed Tool).

  • Even if you don’t use Ezoic, it can be useful if you use a Page Speed Plugin.


We want to wait until our Page Experience and Trafic increase before sharing everything with you.

  • We want to make sure that we don’t give you misleading information.


We will share our Experience and everything we have Observed in the coming weeks.

  • With dedicated Posts and Pages.


4. How many Plugins do we have.

Now, Just Five.


If you check our “19 month Special” Post, you’ll see that, 8 months ago, we had 19 Plugins!

  • It’s been a major cut.


5. Main countries that visited our website in the last month.


We think this image will be much more useful to you than the old one.

  • The old list we used, was from MonsterInsights (and we Removed it).


As you can see, the USA, India and Great Britain are the countries that visit our Site the most.

  • In that order.



Remember: if you are interested in our SEO Strategy, which Theme, Plugins… we use, we recommend you to visit our “Website Building and SEO Diary” section.

  • There, you’ll find a very useful Index with all our publications sorted by Topic treated.

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