No. Definitely not.

We had a Forum in our Site and, after 2 years and 300,00 Pageviews (in total) not a Single User Registered to use it.


Why did we have a Forum?

  • When we started this Site, we wanted to know what our Users were most interested in.
    • So we could talk about it and share our Experience.


But, nowadays:

  • There is almost infinite information on the Internet.
  • There are hundreds of Specialized Forums.
  • There are hundreds of YouTube Channels that talk about everything.
  • etc.


People don’t waste a minute Registering and waiting for a Response.


Think about this:

  • When was the last time you Signed up to ask a question on a Forum?


There you have it.

  • If you don’t do it, neither will your users.


What have we done?

  • Remove our Forums.

They were slowing our Site a lot and we had not a single User.


Some Sites create “Fake” accounts to encourage Users to interact and, maybe, that works for them.

But we think it doesn’t worth it.


  • Forums attract hundreds of “Fake Profiles” crated by Spam-Bots.
  • Forum Plugins are very Heavy and will Slow down your Site.
  • People rarely ask high quality questions.
  • You have to Moderate Spam and Low Quality Content.
  • It creates lots of “Low Quality URLs with empty Content”.
    • Dead Forums, Answered Questions, Log-Ins, etc.


Leave the Forums for big Sites like Reddit, Quora, etc… And keep your Site Clean.


Our Google Analytics Results.

As you can see in the Top Image of the Post, our Traffic has increased a little bit these past days.


We were hit by the June Google Core Algorithm Update.

  • But it seems that the July Update has fixed certain things for us.


Also, as we removed our Forums, BuddyPress and lots of Plugins that we didn’t need, our Page Experienced improved.

  • And, maybe, that explains why our Results are improving.


If you are interested in what we did, check our “What we have done to Recover from June 2021 Core Update” Post


Our Google Search Console Results for the last 3 months.

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