Today, we want to share something that some users have asked us in private mails.


As you may already know, now, Google uses Page Speed as a Ranking factor.

Therefore, many Site owners are worried about their Site’s Speed.


And there is one concern that stands out from the rest:

  • Page Builders and Site Speed.


Once you have built a Site with a Page Builder, it is “almost impossible” to Stop using it.

  • If you Uninstall them, the entire Site becomes a mess.


As Page Builders are Big Heavy Plugins, the doubt is inevitable:

  • Can you obtain good Page Speed if you use a Page Builder?
  • Do Page Builders Slow Down your Site?


We use WPBakery Page Buikder, so, we’ll use our own data to answer these questions.


First of all, we’ll answer the most obvious question:


Do Page Builders Slow Down your Site?


Yes. Of course.

They are Big Plugins that use lots of Code (JavaScript, CSS, etc) to Design your Site.

  • This Code makes your Site take longer to load.


That is why, if you don’t really need a Page Builder, we don’t recommend you to use them.


So why do we use WPBakery?

  • Because Business Topics can be a bit… Dense and boring.
    • We needed WPBakery to make our content more attractive.


But … In case you already use a Page Builder or need it, the important question is the following:


Can you obtain good Page Speed if you use a Page Builder?


Yes. Fortunately, yes.


Check our Results:


Mobile PageSpeed Insights Results


Desktop PageSpeed Insights Results


You can check it by yourself if you want.

  • And, we also have Ads on our Site, so… These are very good Results.


How did we get these Results?

First: We only have 5 Plugins (including the Page Builder).

Plugins we use.


Second: We only got those Mobile Results thanks to Ezoic’s Leap (and its Cache Tool).

  • We are not Sponsored, by the way.

Without it, we had around 80 85.


Third: Regarding Desktop results, we have practically the same Results With and Without Ezoic’s Leap.

  • So, if you use few Plugins, you can get good Desktop Results without doing anything.


If you are still struggling with your Speed Results, or you can’t reduce the amount of Plugins you use, check our Publication:

There, we achieved “decent” results, using 19 Plugins!


Our Traffic results:

Our Google Search Console results from the last 6 months.


This summer has been a bit tough for us.

  • The last Google Algorithm update affected us quite a bit.


However, it seems our Metrics are improving.

  • We hope that this September, our Traffic will grow again.


As always: Thanks for being there!

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