2 days ago, on September 20, we suddenly received a Large amount of Users.


They all visited our Site in 2 hours.

  • 386 in 2 hours, when we average 40 – 50 Users per hour, in a good day.


We were very happy, but our happiness lasted only a few minutes.

  • All those Users came from trafficonline.xyz

We discovered it by checking our Referral Traffic.

Google Analytics – trafficonline.xyz Referral Users.


We checked the Cities of these Users, and they came from Different Cities.

  • But they all stayed Exactly 10 seconds on our Site.


This didn’t seem to be legit traffic.


The question was… Why bothering sending us “fake” users?

First, we had to answer the question:


What is trafficonline.xyz?


Trafficonline.xyz is a Site that offers “artificial” traffic to Site owners.

  • This Site Redirect you to Gammatraffic.com.


Why do they offer “artificial” traffic?

Because some SEO experts believe that this can be positive for Ranking High in Google.

  • Although Google has denied it in numerous occasions.


But Why they sent me (or you) “artificial” Traffic without asking?

  • Because this is How they promote their Services.


As far as we know, this can’t hurt your Site.

  • So, don’t worry.

You can Add a Traffic Filter in Analytics to Remove this Traffic from your data.


* Note: On their Redirected Site (Gammatraffic.com) they talk about Automated Traffic.

  • We didn’t fully understand How they Send you Traffic.


From their Redirect Site (Gammatrafic.com) FAQ.


That is why we said “Artificial” because we are not Sure How it is generated.

  • What is certain is that this Traffic is not “Traditional” Traffic.


In case you don’t know…

In this Diary we talk about How we are building this Site, and our Experience with SEO, Results, etc.


Now, let’s see our weekly Traffic Results:


Our Google Analytics Results

Our Google Analytics Results from the Last 7 days.


As you can see, in the Picture above and the Post’s Featured image, our Numbers are improving again.

  • In the Picture above you can appreciate our traffic from trafficonline.xyz on September 20.
    • It happened only that day.


By now, we want to be prudent.

  • If this trend continues for 1 more month, we’ll be Optimistic.


In case you don’t know what we are talking about, check our “26 months Special” Post.

  • This Summer we were Hit by a Google Core Algorithm Update.
    • And our Traffic decreased.


As always, none of this would be possible without you.

  • Thanks for being there!

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