Just as we were approaching one of the best weeks of the year (in terms of Traffic and Monetization) Google released a new Algorithm Update.


This Algorithm was released on November 17 but, its effects affected us a week later.


Today, we’ll now analyze How it affected us.


As usually, we’ll divide this Post into 5 Parts:

1. Evolution of the results of our Site.

  • Rankings, Impressions, Users and Page Views.

2. Traffic Channels.

3. Modifications carried out this past Month.

4. Main countries that visited our website in the last month.

5. Core Web Vitals Evolution.


Let’s begin:

1. Evolution of the results of our Site.

Average Position evolution.


We experienced a decline at the end of October, but, just as our Rankings were improving, they fell again.

  • This time, due to the new Algorithm Update.


Users Received:

The solid line represents Users received in November – The dotted one represents October.


This November Started very well but, at the end of the month our Numbers Decreased.

  • This is not normal.


Check our Traffic in November 2020 (last year):

Users received in November 2022.


That is why we are a bit upset with this Algorithm Update.

Because it as been released at the worst Possible time.


Now, our Numbers will decrease due to the Christmas Holidays and it will be impossible to know How this Algorithm has Affected us.

  • We don’t know what to expect on January 2022.


Pageviews per month:


Our Pageviews are up a bit (just 3,000 more than in October) but our numbers should have been much better.

  • If it hadn’t been for this Algorithm Update.


2. Traffic Channels.


Our Traffic Channels have remained almost Constant compared to the previous month:

Our Traffic is:

  • 86.7% Organic.
  • 9.9% Direct.
  • 3.1% Referral.
  • 0.3% Social.


We don’t promote our Site in any way.

  • That is why our Organic traffic is so dominant.


3. Modifications carried out this past Month.



We have only Published new Pages and Updated our Old Publications.

  • As we mentioned in our last Monthly Special Post.


4. Main countries that visited our website in the last month.


No News here:

  • USA is our Main visiting country, followed by the UK and India.
    • The UK surpassed India as our second main visiting country.


We are noticing a slight increase in Traffic from China.

  • Which is very reduced compared to what we receive from India.
    • Both have a similar population.


5. Core Web Vitals Evolution.

The evolution of our Core Web Vital Scores.


As you can see, our Core web Vital Scores have remained almost constant.

  • Our Mobile Score increased from 87 to 88.



Remember: if you are interested in our SEO Strategy, which Theme, Plugins… we use, we recommend you to visit our “Website Building and SEO Diary” section.

  • There, you’ll find a very useful Index with all our publications sorted by Topic treated.

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