We finally obtained a Good Page Speed Result in our Core Web Vitals.


The funny thing is:

  • We had been trying to improve our Page Speed since las June, but our Speed didn’t improve as much as we expected.


We had resigned ourselves to not getting a “Good” Score… And we got it.

  • We had a “Need Improvement” but our Tests in PageSpeed Insights were excellent.


Now that we obtained a “Good“:

  • Have our Rankings Improved?
  • Have we recovered our Pre-Christmas Pageviews?
  • What have we Noticed since we finally obtained a “Good” Score?


We’ll Now share our Results, in the next order:

1. Evolution of the results of our Site.

  • Rankings, Impressions and Users.

2. Traffic Sources.

3. Modifications carried out this past Month.

4. Main countries that visited our website in the last month.

5. Core Web Vitals Evolution.


Let’s begin:

1. Evolution of the results of our Site.

Average Position evolution.


As you can see, our Rankings have been improving little by little since February.

  • We didn’t Post (in this Diary) the past month because my second daughter was born.


Soon will be Easter, and we’ll suffer a traffic “mini-crash”.

  • We hope that, apart from that, our Numbers will keep improving until Summer.


Users Received:

The solid line represents Users received in March – The dotted one represents February.


As you can imagine, we’re happier now that we appreciate a Clear upward Trend.

  • Again…


2. Traffic Sources.

We have discovered a very interesting thing (maybe it is obvious and we didn’t know).


62% of our English-Speaking Users use Chrome (we knew this):


But, in Spanish-Speaking Countries, Edge is the most Popular Browser:


* Note that, our Spanish Site is much younger and we would need many more Users to be sure.

  • But… These are our Numbers.


3. Modifications carried out this past Month.

We haven’t done anything New to our Site in the last 2 months.

  • Just Publishing and analyzing our Data.


4. Main countries that visited our website in the last month.

Again, as always:

  • US.
  • UK.
  • India.

They are our Top visiting countries.


However, in our Spanish Site, our Users come from:

  • Mexico.
  • Spain.
  • Colombia.

Mexico is our Number 1 visiting country, followed by Spain.


5. Core Web Vitals Evolution.


As we told you, our Mobile Speed Score, obtained a “Good” from Google, even if Ezoic has not yet detected it (image above):


We waited for so long for obtaining these results:


But, for now, we have only experienced a “normal” upward trend in Traffic.

  • As you can see in our Rankings and Impressions above shown.

Nothing Remarkable.


These next days will be important, but, we don’t think we will see something spectacular.


We’ll keep you informed, here.



Remember: if you are interested in our SEO Strategy, which Theme, Plugins… we use, we recommend you to visit our “Website Building and SEO Diary” section.

  • There, you’ll find a very useful Index with all our publications sorted by Topic treated.

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