It’s been 3 years since we started this Site from scratch.

  • We have been creating and Posting Content for 3 consecutive years, non-stop.

And, we are full time dedicated to it.


We have Posted 350 publications, including this one.


And, as you can see in the featured image of the post, we have just under 50,000 Page Views per month.


To be honest, we expected to receive more Pageviews.

  • At this Point.


The Problem we are facing is that our Impressions and Clicks have stalled:

Our Google Search Console Result from the past 16 months.



And, regarding our Rankings, they also have stagnated:


The Question is: What have we done?

Basically 2 things:

  • Translate our Site into Spanish, which is taking off pretty well.
  • Create a New Section, where we talk about Brands, and their Strategy.


The Spanish Site has Started quite well:

Weekly Pageviews of our Spanish-Translated Site.


In the first 2 months we reached 1,000 Pageviews per month.

  • So, not bad at all.

However, we will have to wait at least 1 year before getting some solid conclusions.


And… Is our New Section working well?

  • We still don’t know.

We’ll need at least 6 months to check how it takes off.


As you can see, we have not created a big Page for this Occasion, such as we did in our 1 year Special, or our 2 Year Special.




Because People seem not to be very interested in these Topics.

  • Or Google takes “special care” not to Promote this kind of Content.
    • We think that SEO-Related Content is treated very carefully.


We’ll keep informing you about our Site, improvements, changes…

  • But, if this doesn’t bring us more Users, we’ll do it in a relaxed way.


We have to maximize our efforts in creating New Content.

  • Content that, in fact, is interesting and Useful to somebody.


Let us show you something:

We created a very interesting Post for our 1st Year anniversary with:

  • Graphs.
  • Lots of Content.
  • Very Interesting Conclusions.
  • etc.

We encourage you to check that Post.


We have only received 63 Clicks in the past 16 months from this Publication:


Check that Average Position: 133!


Maybe, it is not the best publication in the World.

  • But, if you look for this type of Content in Google (Real SEO experiences) you won’t find much.

That is why we started this Diary.


We have tried:

  • Long full-of-content Publications.
  • Original Posts.
  • Posts with very Useful and Rare information.

It doesn’t matter.

If the Topic is related to SEO, the Rankings are terrible.


Maybe, if we see that this Diary becomes “Popular” (for whatever reason) we’ll Post with more frequency again (now, we just Post once per month).

But, by now, we’ll only keep our monthly Publication.


As always, thanks for being there!

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