Today’s Post is going to be short.


As we told you in our previous SEO Diary Post, we have been focusing on things that brings us more traffic.

  • Unfortunately, our Users have not found this Diary as useful as we expected.


Also, we’re pretty sure that Google treats with “Special Care” SEO-related Content.

  • Obvious… It is its Business Model, so… It doesn’t want people messing with it.


The good news is that we’re close to having 100,000 Pageviews per month.


If we add our English and Spanish Sites, we’re getting very close:

Pageviews received last month on our English Site.


Pageviews received last month on our Spanish Site.


If you sum up these 2 Numbers, we’ve got:

  • 87,532 Pageviews per month.


* We’ve had some problems with our Analytics; that is why we show you our Results this way (we’re moving to Google Analytics 4, and we experienced some problems with Graphs and Data).


If you Check SimilarWeb, you can see these Results:

Our Traffic, measured by SimilarWeb.


The results are bit different, but this is Normal.

  • Maybe, they measure Unique Page Views.


As you can see in the Top Image of this Post, our Spanish site has taken off pretty well.

  • Those are just our results from our Spanish site, of course.




We’re going to Start offering some Services in Fiverr.

  • SEO Services (for now).


We’ll use our name.



  • Well, because we’ve learnt a lot about SEO and our Users are not particularly interested about it.
    • These SEO Posts don’t bring us much Traffic.


Also, this allows us to Monetize a little bit. Which, we need like breathing.

  • We don’t have big expectations… We feel that Fiverr is a bit over-saturated.
    • But, we’ll try, at least.


You can visit our Gig here:


We’ll keep you informed about our Progress.

  • If we succeed (again… we don’t think so) we’ll let you know.


Also, we’re thinking about Starting a Patreon Page.


This Page will be Directed to:

  • Users who want to Support our Content.
  • Users who are interested in the Stock Market.



Well, because:

Content Related to the Stock Market is very problematic for Google.

  • Even if we have been Analyzing Companies for Years, Even if I have an MBA, etc.


It is SEO Policy (YMYL Principle), and we don’t want to jeopardize our Site (Consuunt).

That is Why, we will talk about it on Patreon.


And also, because, again… We Need to Start Monetizing something.

  • We Really need it.


That is Why, we’ll also add a “Support Us” Page.

There, our Users will be able to:

  • Join our Patreon.
  • Support us via PayPal.


We have to do this, because:

  • We want our Site to continue to be Free.
  • We don’t want to over-monetize Consuunt.
  • We don’t want to place too many Ads.


We want our users to have Free Access to the Best Business Knowledge.

We don’t want you to feel like we’re trying to sell you something you don’t Need.


That is why we’ll try to Monetize in a non-invasive way.


This is a Transparent and Honest Site.

And that, will never Change.


As always, thanks for being there!

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