Website building and SEO Diary 15th day.

It has been a Page-writing day, so we are actually a bit tired.


In case you don’t know, in this section we talk about How we are building this Website: our SEO strategy, Theme and Plugins we use, our Real Results (Pageviews and Users we have)…


Today’s Post will be divided into 2 parts:

1. Should you use a SEO Plugin for your WordPress site or not?

2. Today’s Google Analytics report with yesterday’s users and pageviews.


Let’s begin!

1. Should you use a SEO Plugin for your WordPress site or not?

As we have mentioned several times, we don’t consider ourselves SEO experts.

  • We have started this website project two months ago, sharing everything we have done so far with you so you can learn from our mistakes (and some successes, we hope).


Being said that, we’ll share with you why did we decided not to use “Yoast” nor “All in one SEO”, nor any other WordPress SEO Plugin.


First of all, you have to ask to yourself: What is SEO?


We didn’t know at all, so we started to doing some research.

We found out that SEO is “nothing” but optimizing web-page content in order to ease Search Engines’ tasks when identifying and allocating your website.

90% of SEO is:

  • Properly describing your content (in your Headings, the overall structure…).
  • Writing in a way that engages your audience.
    • If you are dense, boring and pointless, nobody will remain in your webpage and Google will notice.
  • Choosing interesting Topics.
  • Publishing something that add value to the Topic you chose.
    • Don’t repeat exactly what everybody is actually saying.

The other 10% of SEO is:

  • Describing properly your Web pages in their Meta descriptions.


Keywords, Back-links tricks… there were lots of “tricks” in the past that are not useful anymore, so we didn’t care about them.


Authority is a very important matter but, since we can’t currently increase it “magically” we try to do it by writing nice “full of content” publications.

  • Only time will tell whether it works or not.


What does Yoast, All in One SEO and other Plugins do?


They basically:

  • Advise you when writing your Posts by analyzing your extension and keywords density.
  • Let you introduce Meta descriptions.
    • Title and Webpage meta descriptions.
  • Many other complementary things like creating a Sitemap for your Website, edit your robots.txt file…


Then, why didn’t we installed a SEO Plugin? Because:

  • We wanted to learn for ourselves how to write properly the content of our pages.
  • They are big Plugins that insert some codes in your website and may slow it down.
    • We actually have 2 “Big Plugins”: WP.Bakery and BuddyPress; we don’t want a third one.
  • If you disable Yoast or All in one SEO Plugin, all your Meta descriptions will be lost.
    • In case you don’t like these Plugins, you are in a trouble.


If you have no intention about installing another “Big” Plugin and also you don’t want any “complication” at all, maybe installing a SEO Plugin is a good option for you.


In our case, we only needed to insert our Title and Meta descriptions (and few things more) so what did we do? Download and install the next Plugins (we are not sponsored, of course):

  • Mypace Custom Title Tag.
    • A light small Plugin that allow editing your Website Pages’ Titles.
  • Easy WP meta description.
    • Another small light Plugin that allows you to edit your Website Pages’ meta descriptions.
  • Google XML Sitemaps.
    • It just creates a Sitemap from your Website in seconds.
  • We created our robots.txt from scratch.


Again: we are not SEO experts, but we want to learn for ourselves.

Maybe if we were using Yoast or another SEO Plugin, we would have much more pageviews (at the moment we have very few, that is true).

  • We are telling you what are we currently doing.
  • If we decide to install a SEO plugin in the future we’ll tell you the same day we install it and why.


Now, lets move to today’s report:

2. Today’s Google Analytics report.


Yesterday we had exactly the same users as we had the day before: 2 real users (4 – 2 created by Google Search Console’s crawling system).



As you can appreciate in the picture, we had 11 unique pageviews.

It seems that we have nothing to celebrate and maybe it is true, but 1 week before we had just 1 pageview.


Our Website is 2 months old.

Tomorrow, we’ll publish a 2 months anniversary special Post with:

  • Our evolution in these 2 months.
    • Regarding Impressions, Pageviews, Queries, Rankings…
  • Our Google Search Console conclusions.
  • What have we learnt.
  • etc.


We hope you’ll find it interesting.

Tomorrow more.

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