Today we are writing an especial Post.


Our website has been active for 2 months so we want to share with you all our numbers so far, so you have a guidance about what to expect from a 2 months old Completely New Website started from scratch.

  • As we have mentioned several times, we really published our first content 3 months ago, on April. But we used that whole month (April) for learning about Plugins Themes, trying different things… We really started publishing on a regular basis on May the 1st.


We’ll analyze:

0. Our current SEO strategy.

1. Google Search Console results from our 2 months old Website.

  • Clicks, Impressions and Ranking Evolution.

2. Best pages according to Google Search Console page Clicks.

3. Pageviews we currently have.

4. Pages per Session evolution.

5. Countries visiting our Website.

6. Our conclusions from these first 2 months.


First of all, in case you have not read other previous Diary Posts:

0. Our current SEO strategy.

Our only strategy regarding improving SEO ranking has been writing good content with “attractive” Meta descriptions. Nothing else.

  • We have not even shared our website with our friends or family.
  • We have not promoted it through the social media (we don’t even have Twitter nor Facebook).
  • We have not asked for Back-links to anybody.
  • Nothing. Just writing good content (or at least, we try).


We want to learn how Google works, and how different strategies or Content Topics impact on our results.

If we shared everything we have done so far, we would have much more Pageviews but we would never know for sure where they came from:

  • A friend just checking what are you doing, that is reading your website only because you wrote it.
  • A friend from a friend that saw your content and will never come back to your website.
  • A family member, not really interested in your website.
  • etc.


We want to have pure data:

  • Pageviews and Users that found our website after searching on Google something related to the content we are publishing.


Being said that, let’s see which results we’ve had so far:

1. Google Search Console results from our 2 months old Website.

As you can appreciate in the picture above (at the Top of the Post) we have had 37 Page Clicks on Google Search Engine.

What does it mean?

  • It means that in these 2 months, some users have Clicked on our pages after finding them, while looking for something through Google, 37 times. Just by finding our content after a Google Search.


* On that evolution, the data you’ll find from June on, is more accurate since on beginning of May, we looked for our content on Google in order to check that the Meta descriptions were at place, so we had much more Clicks, Impressions and Rankings that we should have had.


Which average Ranking did our pages have?



We have had an average page Ranking of 114.

What does it mean?

  • It means that our Pages have been shown, on average, on the 114th position:
    • You should move to the Google’s 11th result page in order to find our pages (on average, of course).


If you look carefully at the graph, you’ll notice a positive trend from 15th June on, so we are a bit optimistic.


What about Impressions and CTR?

We have had 4.760 Impressions and an average CTR of 0.8%; (37 Clicks/4.760 Impressions = 0.8%).

What does it mean?

  • After doing some research, we have found out that an average Website CTR should be around 2%.
    • So, we are doing it not very good.


However, since our Website is just 2 months old, we don’t want to rush when taking decisions.


2. Best pages according to Google Search Console page Clicks.

But, which pages are attracting more traffic?



These are the main pages attracting traffic to Consuunt, so far.

As you can see:


If we make a percentage, these 6 Pages brought 29 out of 37 Clicks, what means that:

  • 78% of our Clicks were attracted by the 10% of our Pages (at that time we had 60 Pages approximately).


3. Pageviews we currently have.

Now… How many Pageviews are we talking about?

  • We currently have an average of 5 Pageviews per day.




If you ignore that 2 spikes on May you can appreciate an increase in Pageviews from mid June on.


However, even more important than users is the average Pages per Session ratio, which shows how engaged your users are to your website content:


4. Pages per Session evolution.


This is interesting.

While on May you can see lots of “Spike – Zero -Spike – Zero” patterns, from June on, there is a more stable behavior.

  • “1 -2-4-1-2-1-1-0” pages per Session, for example.


By now, we can’t conclude anything since we barely have significative data, but we appreciate a little improvement. Only time will tell whether we are right or not.


5. Countries visiting our Website.

Merely as an anecdote, the countries visiting our Website the most have been:

  • USA, UK, France, Spain, Germany, Finland, Singapore, China, Australia, Canada, India, Brasil, Japan and Malasia.

We are surprised… We have not a lot of pageviews, but they come from lots of countries.


6. Our conclusions from these first 2 months.

Maybe you think that we are a bit over-optimistic, but we really appreciate positive results.

After these 2 months, we can conclude that:

  • You’ll have to wait at least one month before obtaining representative results.


  • The fewer pageviews “tests” you conduct, the better. Specially at the beginning.
    • In your first month you’ll barely have 2 pageviews per week and 50 impressions, so if you are constantly looking for your content on Google, you’ll alter your Google Search Console and Analytics results.
    • Of course, you’ll have to develop certain tests, but don’t over-react.


  • Don’t share your Website with anybody, at least at the beginning.
    • We recommend it because it allowed us to quickly identify which contents have been more successful.
    • Imagine that in that “Pages attracting Users”  analysis (point 2) we shared above, you had a hundred pageviews from friends and family… you would have it difficult for obtaining any valid conclusion.


  • Be patient: it seems easy, but is not.
    • If you have been writing, and writing and writing… and still have not a single Pageview (specially on the first month) you can end up a bit discouraged.
    • We have very few pageviews by now, but at least we see some positive trend.
    • The first month had been an almost blank month for us.


  • Diversify a little bit your Topics, you never know which one will be more successful:
    • At the beginning we expected that the “Entrepreneurship” section, would be much more attractive than the “Strategy” one.
      • We talk about much more “funny” pleasant Topics.
    • However, as you saw above, the Strategy section had been the most successful one.


Consuunt has been “alive” just for 2 months.

Our intention with this Diary is sharing with you:

  • Everything we are learning regarding SEO and Website building.
  • All the errors we may have.
  • Our mistakes and successes.
  • The conclusions we are obtaining.


We have a lot of work to do, and we’ll do it together.

Maybe next week we find out a new much better SEO strategy that boosts our pageviews.

  • Be sure that we would share it with you the same day as always: with total sincerity.


This is a long journey, and we are excited about it!

We hope you’ve found this 2 months old special Post interesting and helpful. Thank you for being there!


Tomorrow, more.


Remember: In this section we talk about How we are building this Website: our SEO strategy, Theme and Plugins we use, our Real Results (Pageviews and Users we have)…

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