Today, we are going to talk about how did we increased our Website PageSpeed Score.


In case you don’t know, in this section we talk about How we are building this Website: our SEO strategy, Theme and Plugins we use, our Real Results (Pageviews and Users we have)…


So again, this Post will be divided into 2 sections:

1. How did we increase our Website Page Speed.

2. Today’s Google Analytics Report with our Pageviews and users.


Let’s begin:

1. How did we increase our Website Page Speed.

When we started building our Website, we initially didn’t care about Page Speed at all.

  • We just installed any Plugin we liked and used the pictures that looked better.

Once we had the Website already built up, we realized that it was a bit slow.


Then, we discovered the GT-Metrix tool (not sponsored, of course):

GT-Metrix is a Website-Tool that analyzes any URL you send to it, and tells you:

  • Which is the Website Page Speed.
  • What should this Website improve.
  • etc, etc (it is really useful).


* If you use PageSpeed Insights, we have created a whole new page about how to improve your Speed easily:


Our Initial Page Speed:

  • We had a Page Speed score of 70%, with the next “main problems” detected:
    • Defer parsing of JavaScript.
    • Optimize images.
    • Minify CSS

Our worst problem was the “Defer parsing of JavaScript”: our score was 0% and we didn’t even know what it was.


We started with our Images:

  • We reduced manually all the “big images” we had (From PNG to gif, jpeg..).
  • Then, we installed the “Short-Pixel” Plugin (again, not sponsored, of course).
    • It compresses and reduce automatically your images’s size.
    • Unless you purchase it, you have a monthly limitation, but for us is OK; by now, we haven’t purchased the “premium version”. The free one is enough for us.


Regarding our CSS:

* We are not very sure that we did what it was meant to be done, but we know that our “Minify CSS ” issue improved substantially.

At that moment we had several “Plugins” that did almost exactly the same thing regarding Fonts and CSS.

We had our Font (and other appearance features) established at the same time in:

  • Our Theme.
  • Manually with CSS on our “style.css” file (we inserted some CSS code we had found on Google).
  • With the Plugin: “Absolutely Glamorous Custom Admin”
    • It is a nice Plugin that easily allows you to modify your Website appearance
    • However, once we installed our new Theme (KLEO) it was a bit useless for us.

We then erased any “overlap” in customizations:

  • We uninstalled the “Absolutely Glamorous Custom Admin” Plugin since we didn’t need it anymore.
  • We erased the manual CSS we had written down on our “style.css” file.
  • Hence, only our Child Theme was dictating our Website appearance.


Defer parsing of JavaScript:

This was the most difficult issue to solve and we are currently not very sure how did we do it.

At that time we had the “Slider Revolution” Plugin installed since it was included with our Theme.

  • We don’t know if it is possible at all, but we realized that our Page Speed slowed down significantly since we installed it.


What we tried:

1. We first tried the “Async” Plugin, that supposedly helps you fixing certain JavaScript issues.

  • Maybe we didn’t know how to use it properly, because it didn’t work at all for us.

2. We then installed the “Autoptimize” Plugin that it is also designed to improve the JavaScript issues and many other things.

  • We selected the “Optimise JavaScript Code” and “Optimise HTML Code”.
  • We experienced a little improvement, so we didn’t uninstalled it.

3. We wrote down the code we found on Google inside our “functions.php” file (within our child Theme folder):

function defer_parsing_of_js ( $url ) 
   if ( FALSE === strpos( $url, '.js' ) ) 
   return $url;
   if ( strpos( $url, 'jquery.js' ) ) 
   return $url;
   if ( strpos( $url, 'wp-custom-countdown' ) )
   return $url;
   return "$url' defer ";

It worked for us perfectly! This, together with the Autoptimize Plugin solved practically our Defer parsing of JavaScript issue.

  • From 0% to 75% at that time (now, we have better results).


However… If you have read our “How solving Blank Edit page on WordPress” Post, you’ll know that we found out that this code caused us an issue with our WordPress Edit page after some Plugins updates.

So what did we do?

  • We had to delete this code.
  • We uninstalled the “Slider Revolution” Plugin (we always had suspected that it created some JavaScript-Css Issues).
    • Since we only wanted it for a simple Front image with Parallax effect, we did it with W.P.Bakery editor and a “light” image.
  • Maintained “Autoptimize” Plugin.


Which is our current Page Speed?

  • A 96%:

And what about our GT-Metrix recommendations?

As you can see, our “Defer parsing of JavaScript”, “Minify CSS” and “Optimize Images” issues are solved.


Which Plugins are we currently using for having this “high” PageSpeed?

You are maybe wondering which Plugins are we currently using.

  • We explained the Plugins (the biggest and more important ones) and Theme we are using, in the “Which Plugins and Theme are we currently using” Post.
  • Basically, our biggest Plugins; the ones that could “Slow down” your Website are:
    • BuddyPress.
    • bbPress.
    • WP.Bakery (formerly Visual Composer).
    • Short Pixel (we didn’t mentioned it on that Post; we forgot).
    • Monster Insights.

With all these Plugins installed (and other minor light Plugins) we obtained the results above shown.

  • (If you are wondering why aren’t we using Yoast or any other SEO Plugin, we explained it in our “Why no using a SEO Plugin” Post).


* We have read that having a super-speed page is important although not that much as you would expect.

  • That is why we are happy with this results.
  • We don’t want to start “touching” things and jeopardize some Plugins, functions, CSS…
  • Our main goal is offering a pleasant experience to our users, and our current PageSpeed is fulfilling it.

* We haven’t noticed an increase in our pageviews or users since this PageSpeed improvement.


2. Today’s Google Analytics Report with our Pageviews and users.

Remember: we are building a Website from scratch (we had no experience in SEO or Website building at all when we started).

  • Our Site is 2 months old.
  • We want to share with you all we are learning, our strategies and mistakes.

Being said that… How did it go yesterday?


As you may have see at the Post’s Top image, yesterday we had 6 real users (8 – 2 generated by Google Search Console).



Yesterday we had 11 unique pageviews.

These results are not very impressive, of course, but since our Website is just 2 months old and we appreciate a positive trend… we are very optimistic.

Remember, each day, you’ll find a report about:

  • What have we learnt so far.
  • Our mistakes.
  • What we are currently doing.
  • etc.

So you can know for sure what to expect when starting your own website (we hope you have much better results than we have).

Tomorrow, more.

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