Today, we’ll talk about a Topic that has been difficult for us to find on Internet: The relation between Ranking, Impressions and Clicks.

  • What Ranking do you need for receiving your first Click?
  • How many Impressions does it imply?


In case you don’t know, in this section we talk about How we are building this Website: our SEO strategy, Theme and Plugins we use, our Real Results (Pageviews and Users we have)…


As usually, this Post will be divided into 2 parts:

1. Which is the relation between Ranking, Impressions and Clicks.

2. Today’s Google Analytics Report with yesterday’s Users and Pageviews.


Let’s start:

1. Which is the relation between Ranking, Impressions and Clicks.

As soon as we started having some data from Google Search Console, we realized that our pages ranked very poorly (of course) usually with an average position of 130 (at the beginning).

Then we wondered ourselves:

What Ranking do we need (on average) to receive some Clicks?

We had to wait to guess it, and that is what we’re going to share with you today.


First of all, we made some numbers:

The average CTR of any Website is a 2% (we found this number in different specialized Sites) so it means that for every 100 impressions you would receive 2 Clicks.

  • We then assumed that we’d need at least 50 Impressions in order to receive a single Click.


But which is the relation between Ranking and Impressions? Which Ranking should we have?

  • We couldn’t know until we had more data… And here we have it.


We’ll now show you 1 month Ranking, Impressions and Clicks evolution for a recently published Page:


1st Stage: Not enough Ranking nor Impressions

You can appreciate that:

  • With a Ranking position of 57 (or worse), it would be difficult for you to have Impressions and Clicks.
    • 1 Impression and 0 Clicks.
  • There is not a strict direct relation, of course, but on average, all our pages have behaved in this same way.


2nd Stage: Ranking Necessary for your first Click

Here, you can appreciate that:

  • The calculation of 50 Impressions per Click is just an average, but it works quite well as an overall reference.
  • When your Ranking is better than 45, you start receiving some Clicks.
    • Check the first Click we received: the Average Position was similar to this one above shown.


3rd Stage: Relation between Impressions, Ranking and Clicks:

Here, you’ll observe that:

  • Logically, the higher the Ranking is, the more Clicks you’ll receive.
  • More Impressions does not necessarily mean more Clicks.
    • This day, we had just 3 more Impressions, but twice as many Clicks.
    • As we told you before: 50 Impressions per Click is just an Average.


One more thing:

We think that Google tests your content at different Rankings, Countries, User profiles…

After some weeks, starts Placing your Pages in better (or worse) positions (Improving its Ranking).

We didn’t changed anything in the Web page above shown; Its Ranking Improved “magically”. Maybe Google:

  • Placed it somewhere.
  • Our users stayed in it longer than in other similar-content Pages.
  • Google improved its Ranking consequently.


* As soon as we have better results, we’ll publish more information.

  • Since we started this Website just few weeks ago, we still don’t have a lot of data, but be sure that as soon as we have it, we’ll share it with you.



We have developed a new study about:

  • Why your receive less Clicks although as your Rankings improve.
  • How people Search on Internet.
    • A model developed by Consuunt that predicts your CTR depending on your Rankings.

We encourage you to check it out: “64th day: More impressions, less Clicks“.


2. Today’s Google Analytics Report with yesterday’s Users and Pageviews.


As you may have already appreciated in the Post’s Top image, yesterday we had 7 real users (11 – 4 generated by Google Search Console’s Crawling system since we submitted 2 new publications).

We wish we had more, but we have to be patient. The trend is positive.



Our pageviews remained constant compared to the day before: 11 Unique pageviews.


Consuunt has been alive for 2 months.

As we usually say: these results are “poor”, but we are excited about the challenge!

Building a Website from scratch, with no experience at all is a difficult task (it is exactly what we are doing right now).

  • We want to share this experience with you, so you can learn from our mistakes.
  • Here, nobody will tell you how easy is to reach a million pageviews per day with just one single and miraculous advice.
  • We’ll just tell you the truth about our experience, decisions and results.


Thanks for being there!

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