Today, we’ll share our experience with WPBakery.

  • Is it worth it?


In case you don’t know, in this section we talk about How we are building this Website: our SEO strategy, Theme and Plugins we use, our Real Results (Pageviews and Users we have)…


Today’s Post will be divided into 2 parts:

1. WP.Bakery Plugin review with Pros and Cons.

2. Today’s report with our Pageviews and Users.


Let’s begin:

1. WP.Bakery Plugin review with Pros and Cons.

We currently use WPBakery for editing and publishing all our pages (not sponsored content, of course).

It was included within our Theme: KLEO (developed by seventhqueen).

  • That is how we knew it.


But, what exactly does this Plugin and why are we so happy with it?


As soon as you install it, you’ll notice that you can open/edit your page with a new option:


Check the “Edit with WPBakery Page Builder” option.


You’ll also be able to access to your WPBakery editor inside your traditional WordPress Edit Page.


Once Inside, you’ll find 2 Main menus: the Top Right Menu, and the Top Left Menu.

The Top Left Menu allows you to Add a new element easily.



  • The Left WPBakery Icon gives you access to the Plugin Website.
  • The Right Window Icon allows you editing your Template (we don’t actually use it at all).
  • The Middle “+” Icon allows you adding a new Element.


And here is where all the fun starts:

WPBakery allows you to add different elements easily without knowing any PhP, CSS…


There are much more elements you can add (the picture would be huge)


Once you have added a new element, you can Edit it easily by clicking on it.

You can Edit everything:

  • The Position (by means of the “File configuration”).
  • The design.
  • The content (of course).
  • Links, etc.


Check how different Editing options appear as soon as you hover over the element you want.


As you can appreciate in the Picture above, there are Row Editing options, Columns and Elements.

  • It offers much more options that we actually  use (we use one single Column and Row).


For example, in case you Clicked the Custom Heading Edit option, you would have:


Check out how many options you have.


Moreover, as soon as you have one Content created, you can duplicate it, erase it, re-edit…


One of the best things for us is that it allows you to Move everything with just drag and drop any element you want:

  • From a single-file to a 3 rows division, for example.
  • Images, texts, frames… Everything.


* For editing our pages, for example, we:

  • Copy one previous page already published.
  • Edit it with the new content.
  • Move the elements wherever we want until we have the appearance we were looking for.


Once everything is done, you can go Back to the WordPress Dashboard easily with the Top-Right Menu:



  • The Update Button allows you to Save your changes.
  • The “Screen” Icon allows you checking the appearance for different screen-size devices (from mobile phones to Tablets).
  • The “Gear” Icon allows you to add new CSS code to the page.
  • The Backend Editor brings you back to your WordPress Dashboard (the current Page Edit-page).


Does WPBakery Slow down your site?


As you can see in our “How increasing your Page Speed” Post, we currently have an average speed grade of 96% in GTMetrix (in that Post, we also explain to you which other Plugins are we currently using).

If you don’t start filling your page with heavy content (big pictures, tons of elements…) you should have a decent Page Speed.

  • We have not noticed any remarkable difference in our Page Speed after installing WPBakery.




  • It allows you to easily create and edit content without knowing anything about CSS nor php.
  • You can learn how to use it in 1 day (at least, the basic functions).
  • It is compatible with everything we have tested so far (Plugins, Themes…).
    • It is perfectly compatible with WordPress 5.2.2 version.
    • Includes a button for disabling Guttemberg completely in case you want to do it.
  • The Website Speed does not get affected (at least we didn’t notice any remarkable difference).


  • Your pages will be built based on WPBakery code, so if you uninstall it, everything will become a big mess.
    • This is the thing that worried us the most, but since this Plugin has been downloaded by millions of users, we’re sure that their development team won’t disappear suddenly.
  • Some “other plugins” content can’t be edited (for example, BuddyPress registration page).
  • It is a “premium” Plugin (not free).
    • However, on Envato market, the regular license is 16$. If that is too much for you, you should think twice before starting your website.



For us, it definitely worths it: It saves us a lot of Editing time, it is extremely intuitive to use and we’re happy about the results obtained (we are not sponsored).

By now, we’re decided about renewing our license as soon as it expires.


2. Today’s report with our Pageviews and Users.


As you may have already appreciated on the Post’s top picture, yesterday we had 4 real users (we don’t submit our publications to Google Search Console anymore since it finds our publications few hours after publishing them so, there is no need).

  • 1 user was created by us when developing some mobile-friendly test (basically we looked for our website on Google with my mobile phone, not connected to our wifi).


Regarding our Pageviews, we had 28.

However, we estimate that 15 of them come from the test we mentioned before.

  • Hence, we had 13 real unique pageviews.

These numbers need to be improved.

Since our website is just 2 months and 9 days old, we are not really worried. The tendency is positive (if you check the graph above).

  • We will maintain our strategy of writing just good content. Nothing else (zero promotion).


In case you don’t know (we have said it a thousand times in previous Posts) we are building a Website from scratch.

  • We had no experience at all when we started.
  • Not in SEO nor in Website building, CSS, php, Plugins… nothing.
  • We want to share everything we are discovering so you can learn from our mistakes and successes.
    • Nowadays we have much more knowledge and experience; since we are full-time dedicated to this project 24/7.


We want you to find here a daily sincere “testimony” about what to expect when starting a Website.

Thanks for being there.


Tomorrow, more.


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