Some days ago, we received some Backlinks from a strange Site: Picswe.

  • What is this Site? Should you be worried?


In case you don’t know, in this section we talk about How we are building this Website: our SEO strategy, Theme and Plugins we use, our Real Results (Pageviews and Users we have)…


As usually, today’s Post will be divided into 2 parts:

1. What is Picswe and what should you do with its Backlinks?

2. Today’s Google Analytics Report with our daily Pageviews and Users.


Let’s begin:

1. What is Picswe and what should you do with its Backlinks?

Today we were analyzing our Google Search Console data, checking everything… and we found out that we had two external links (on the “Links” Menu).

  • The links were targeting our “Ishikawa Fishbone diagram” page.


Initially we were happy to discover that somebody had linked our website.

  • The Website is called “picswe“:



Of course, we entered in the Website, and looked for the “Ishikawa diagram” image (although we designed the image on our own, we don’t mind that anybody uses it; this is why we built it for).

We found our image:



But, as soon as we Clicked on it, we were redirected to some junk spam pages.

  • There is no content at all. Just junk publicity.



Picswe is a spam junk site that Backlinks your Pages in order to drag you there.


We started looking on Google whether this bad Backlinks could negatively affect our Rankings.

The answer is no.

  • Unless you have a ton of “junk” Backlinks, Google does not penalize your website.
  • Google can’t avoid anyone to establish an external link to your Website.


However, Google is also aware of these sites, and only encourages you to create a “disavow” file when:

  • Your site is being jeopardized (for example, having thousands of spam backlinks).
  • Google already took some “Manual Action” for your Website.
    • A “Manual Action” is taken by Google when they have realized that your site is a Spam or a Junk site.
    • This “Actions” penalize your site’s Ranking.
    • You can find out if this is your situation in Google Search Console’s “Security and Manual Actions” Tab, you’ll find in your left’s side menu.


What is a “disavow file”?

  • It is something similar to the “robots.txt” file (see our “What is robots.txt” Post) but on this  “file” you tell google which Backlinks to ignore.
  • Usually Google already know about “popular” junk-spam webs, so unless your situation is serious, you don’t need really need it.

* If you are interested about it, there are plenty of websites that know much better than we do about this file.


UPDATED (1 month and a half later): Not doing anything was the best option: Our “Picswe” Backlink disappeared without doing anything few weeks after writing this Post.


2. Today’s Google Analytics Report with our daily Pageviews and Users.


Today, our Website is 2 months old and 10 days.

As you may have already appreciated at the Post’s top picture, yesterday we had 8 users, what is not bad compared with our previous “Tuesdays” (check our firsts Posts;, it was depressing) but we still need to improve a lot.



Yesterday we had 10 unique Pageviews.

Again: we need to improve these numbers. The tendency is not bad, but we need better results, and we want to achieve them together, with you.

By now, we’ll maintain our current SEO strategy:

  • Just writing good content. Nothing else:
    • No promotion, no social media, no nothing.

* In previous Posts we have talked several times about why this is our strategy. Check for example our “2 months special” Post.

Thanks for being there!

Tomorrow, more.

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