We been analyzing the performance of our Pages  since we published them.

  • Their Rankings, Impressions, Queries received…


Today, we want to share our conclusions with you.


In case you don’t know, in this section we talk about How we are building this Website: our SEO strategy, Theme and Plugins we use, our Real Results (Pageviews and Users we have)…


Today’s Post will be divided into 2 parts:

1. How Google Ranks your Website?

2. Today’s Google Analytics Report with Users and Pageviews.


Let’s begin:

1. How Google Ranks your Website?

* First of all, we have to mention that we what we are about to explain comes from our daily perception after analyzing our Pages’ Impressions evolutions in Google Search Console.

  • We are not Google experts: we just observe, process the data and explain our conclusions. That is all.

Since we started our website, we realized that the days we Publish our Pages’ their Impressions are very high.

However, the next day, the Impressions generated are zero.



This is what we always find after we publish a Page or Post:

  • A Peak of impressions is the Publication day and a none impressions at all on the following next days.


How can this be possible? what is going on?

We then started to analyze our “oldest” pages (our first publication is 3 months old although the website has been really active for just 2 months and 11 days).



This is how our oldest page’s Impressions evolution looks like.

As you can appreciate, there is an initial peak of Impressions, then 2 weeks approximately of… nothing… and then, you start having some Impressions.


Since we don’t promote our Website in any way (we haven’t shared it not even with our friends or family) we have 100% representative pure data.

  • If you want to know why are we following this SEO strategy, visit our “2 months special” Post.


What is Google doing with our Website?

We think that:

1. Initially, Google places your Pages/Posts at a certain position in order to check:

    1. Who is interested in its content.
    2. Which is the average Session Duration.
    3. etc.


2. Then, Google compares the data obtained with other similar contents:

    1. In this period of time, your Page/Post is Indexed but if you look for it with a “generic” search (not writing down the name of your content) you won’t find it (at least we haven’t).
    2. Google has not assigned yet the proper Queries to your Page/Post.
    3. It analyzes the profiles that entered in your Page and what they were looking for.
    4. etc.
    5. This analysis takes time; approximately the same time Google requires for realizing that you solved a Google Search Console; between 2 weeks and 1 month (what we have estimated).


3. Depending on this result, Google starts Ranking your website following a “proof-error” algorithm.

    1. Associating certain Queries to your Website until it finds the adequate ones.
    2. In the picture above, you can appreciate an “erratic” trend.
    3. This stage lasts for a month (approximately).


4. Finally, Google ranks your Page/Post in a consistent way and, depending on how well it performs, the position may increase or decrease.

    1. Check the right part of the Image above: the Impressions start being “consistent”.


If you think it carefully, it makes sense:

  • Google would waste a lot of computing-processing resources if it had to “read” carefully absolutely everything in few days (they surely do, but in a more extended period of time).


They do a very intelligent thing: they give that “responsibility” to the users.

  • And depending on what they were looking for when they entered at your site, and how they interacted (session duration, clicking to other internal pages…) Google decides what is next.


* If you are interested about the relation we’ve found between Rankings, Impressions and Clicks and their evolution (which Ranking did we need in order to receive our first Click, for example) visit our “Relation between Ranking, Impressions and Clicks” Post.


2. Today’s Google Analytics Report with Users and Pageviews.


Our website has been 100% active for 2 months and 11 days since we started it from scratch.

As you may have already appreciated at the Post’s top image, yesterday we had 15 users.



Yesterday, we also had 15 unique pageviews (one page per user).

  • The results are not as good as we’d like them to be, of course, but since the tendency positive and the website has been operative for just a little bite more than 2 months, we are optimistic (check our first Posts and compare…).


Thanks for being there.

Tomorrow, more.

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