In one of our firsts Posts; “Writing the website content“, we talked briefly about our daily writing routine.

  • How much time we spend each day writing and editing our Pages and the days we usually publish.


However, in that Post, we didn’t talked about the time we employ each day with these Posts (such as the one you are currently reading).

Today we’ll tell you our current “writing strategies” and some Tips that may be useful for generating good content faster.


In case you don’t know, in this section we talk about How we are building this Website: our SEO strategy, Theme and Plugins we use, our Real Results (Pageviews and Users we have)…


This Post will be divided into 2 parts:

1. How can you generate quality content fast, and what are we currently doing.

2. Today’s Google Analytics report with our daily Users and Pageviews.


Let’s begin:

1. How can you generate quality content fast, and what are we currently doing.

As we explained to you in the “How often are we Publishing” Post, we are currently publishing:

2 big dense full-of-content Pages per week.

  • With an average of 2.000 words per Page.

1 Post per day with a brief but helpful Topic (such as this one):

  • With an average of 500 words per Post.


It is not pretty to say it to ourselves, but we consider that we are writing good quality content quiet fast (or at least that is what we’ve seen so far comparing it with other websites that also started from scratch).

  • Since our website is just 2 months and 16 days old, our daily Pageviews and Users are reduced, so we can’t guarantee that our advice would make you success (in traffic).


We’ll share with you what we are actually doing for writing better content faster and then, you’ll decide whether to follow our advice or not.

  • If in three months our Pageviews have skyrocketed, then you’ll know that our “strategy” is good, but by now, we can’t guarantee nothing at all.


* We wanted to highlight that since we want to be totally honest with you; we don’t like the “fake” gurus that always find everything easy. Good things take time and lots of effort.


What are we currently doing for writing good content fast?

Regarding our Pages (average of 2.000 words publications):

As we have mentioned several times, once a week (of Fridays) we choose our “Next Week Page Topics”.

  • 2 Topics we really like.
  • We write down the main ideas we’ll talk about (a draft structure).
  • We look for the main websites talking about this Topic so we can add something they missed.


Then, we have a “guideline” for writing these Topics, so we wont spend a single minute on “looking” for a better Topic, a different approach…

  • When writing a Page or Post 40% of the time employed is spent on looking for the right Topic, the ideas you’ll talk about
    • You start looking for one thing, you then get distracted about other thing… And when you realize you have spent 2 hours for something that should have taken you 15 mins.


In the past, it took us one day for writing a 1.500 words page.

Nowadays, by doing this, we are able to write a 2.000 words page with much better content, since we write it “straightforward”.

  • Roughly speaking it is a 33% improve (the quality is something completely subjective).


Regarding our Posts:

We follow a “similar” but not that much strict strategy:

Once a week, we write down 5 to 7 interesting Topics we’d like to share with you with a brief “guideline” for each one of them:

  • Some errors we have found, interesting Plugins we have, our current Theme, Tips…


Then, each day, depending on how tired we are, we choose one Topic or other.

  • We usually (not always) write and publish our Posts at the end of the day, so if the Topic is “juicy”, we write about it on a “relaxed” day.


* For example, Today’s Topic is not a very demanding Topic (we had a rough day); it is something very interesting we want to share with you, but it only have taken us 1.5 hours (writing and publishing it).


Two simple rules for writing quality content fast:

  1. Write about something you like.
  2. Prepare a “guideline” about what you will write about.


2. Today’s Google Analytics report with our daily Users and Pageviews.

As we mentioned before, our Website is pretty young: 2 months and 16 days old.

Let’s see how is it going:


As you may have already appreciated at our Post’s top Image, yesterday we had 19 users.

It is our record so far (check our firsts Posts and compare).



Regarding Pageviews, yesterday we had 70 unique pageviews. Another record!

But… we have to be careful! Usually, Google Search Console “randomly” places your content in better ranking positions while checking it (check what we have discovered so far in the “How Google Ranks your Website” Post) so don’t expect this numbers tomorrow.

  • This numbers must improve a lot, but we are happy about the tendency.


We only can say: Thanks for being there!

Tomorrow, more.

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