Monday again.

Today we’ll talk about how we find new Topics when we are stuck.


In case you don’t know, in this section we talk about How we are building this Website: our SEO strategy, Theme and Plugins we use, our Real Results (Pageviews and Users we have)…


Hence, as usual, this Post will be divided into 2 parts:

1. How to find new trending Blog Topics easily.

2. Today’s Google Analytics report with our daily pageviews and users.


Let’s begin:

1. How to find new trending Blog Topics easily.

We have mentioned several times, how we usually choose our weekly Topics (check our “How to generate quality content fast” Post) and how important is to write about things you both know and like.

However, some days, we don’t find the proper approach, the right topic… or even worse: we don’t know if the subject we want to talk is something about people are worried or not (there is nothing worse than generating useless content).


What do we do when we are not sure about what to write about?


1. We first look for generic questions about this topic at Google.

*For example: If we want to write about Value Chain, but we are not sure whether or not it is an interesting Topic, we look for it at Google.


2. Then we look for the 4th – 10th results (usually the firsts are Wikipedia and sponsored content).

You have to write down the name of the Websites you found.

*For example: Looking for “Value Chain” we found a web called “” (we know nothing about this website).



3. Look for this website at “” is a website (we’re not sponsored, of course) that analyzes all the websites with relevant traffic (if the website is small, you’ll find nothing at all).

You can find information about:

  • The website traffic.
  • Whether it receives more organic or direct traffic.
  • Main countries visiting this website.
  • Main sites referencing this website.
  • etc.

*For example: in this “” site, the monthly results are:



4. Look for the main Keywords associated to this site.

You’ll also find the main Keywords associated to this site.

*For example: in this website we’re using as reference, we found out:



As you can appreciate, the main keyword (useful for us) associated to this site is “business ideas”.


5. Making conclusions:

You have to put together:

  • Whether the website you’ve found receives a significant amount of traffic.
  • The main keywords that lead the users to this site.


With this two data, you can find new ideas, mix different concepts together…

*For example:

In the case we are analyzing, we could say:

  • 1st: The website has a nice amount of traffic; 2.3 M pageviews per month so, if this website is talking about this Topic, it must be something interesting.
  • 2nd: People look mainly for “Business Ideas” when they enter this site.
  • 3rd: Conclusion: Why not talking about different Business Ideas’ Value Chains?

Here you have: a new approach to the Value Chain Topic.


You could do much other associations, but the important thing is that you understand how you can mix different Topics so you can “create” a new one.


2. Today’s Google Analytics report with our daily pageviews and users.

Our website has been 100% active for 2 months and 22 days.

As you know, here we tell you all our experiences regarding our SEO strategy, the errors we’ve found so far and how did we solve them so you can learn from our mistakes.

  • On our “2 months special” Post you can find a summary about what we’ve done so far (in 1 week we’ll publish the 3 months special).

Let’s see how it is doing:


As you can appreciate at the Post’s top picture, this weekend we’ve had a very curious weekend:

We had a nice Saturday, with 14 users and a terrible Sunday with just 2.

However, 16 users for being a weekend is a big improvement (one month ago we tended to have zero users on an average weekend).



The same happened to our pageviews: 30 pageviews on Saturday and just 2 on Sunday.

  • It is interesting how, some days we have 2 pageviews per user and other days just one…

We have to improve these numbers, of course. But as we always say: we are happy about the positive tendency.


Thanks for being there.

Tomorrow, more.

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