Today, we want to talk about a very simple Topic.

  • We are receiving lots of users that were looking for it on Google, so… no matter whether it is a simple or complex issue: here we are for helping you.


The Topic is: How to find Backlinks pointing to your Website.

  • By Backlinks we are referring to all the links your website is receiving from other external websites.


Usually, this is a good thing: high quality Backlinks increase your site’s authority, and that is the best things that could happen to your SEO.

  • On the other hand, sometimes, some “junk” websites promote themselves by establishing links to other sites. That is not good.

Therefore, you can guess why is so important to know which websites have established Backlinks to yours.


In case you don’t know, in this section we talk about How we are building this Website: our SEO strategy, Theme and Plugins we use, our Real Results (Pageviews and Users we have)…


This Post will be divided into 2 parts:

1. How to check your site’s Backlinks.

2. Today’s Google Analytics report with our daily results: Users and Pageviews we have.


Let’s begin:

1. How to check your site’s Backlinks.

If you want to know which websites have stablished links that point to your content, and which content is being pointed, you only have to:


1. Open your Google Search Console.



2. At your Left side menu, look for the “Links” option.




3. Click on it, and you’ll find the “External Links”



There you have it!

As simple as that.

By now, we only have the “picswe” external link pointing our website (our Ishikawa page) and it is a junk website, so… we’ll have to wait a little more before we receive good Backlinks.

  • As we mentioned before, we talked about what to do if a “bad reputation” website is pointing your content at our “Receiving undesired Backlinks” Post.


2. Today’s Google Analytics report with our daily results: users and pageviews.

Our website has been active for 2 months and 29 days.

This week, we’ll publish the 3 months special Post with a detailed analysis about:

  • Our conclusions after this 3 months.
  • Our best and worst pages.
  • The best practices we’re following as well as the worst ones, etc.

Let’s check how the weekend was:


As you may have already appreciated at the Post’s top picture, this weekend we had 14 users.

Not bad at all, compared to previous weekends (check our previous Posts).



Regarding Pageviews, this weekend we’ve had 16 unique ones.

Are these numbers good, bad…¿?


We are at the end of July. Everybody is on holidays or planning to.

We have read in many places that pageviews really start taking off after 6 months, so we’ll have to wait and keep hard working 3 months more before making any conclusion.

  • If you want to check our current strategy, check our “2 months special” Post. There we summarized everything we’ve done so far.


Thanks for being there.

Tomorrow, more.

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