As you may already know, we started our website from scratch 3 months ago.

These last 36 days, we have been Posting daily, sharing with you all we’ve done so far: our Plugins, Theme, errors we had and how did we solve them, etc, etc.


Today, in this special Post, we’ll look back and talk about:

1. Our Website evolution during this 3 months.

  • Ranking, Impressions, Users and Pageviews/User. 

2. The Main Queries that lead users to our website.

3. The pages that receive more Users and Pageviews.

  • We’ll analyze the best Meta and Title descriptions.

4. Our worst page.

  • Is there any problem with its Meta and Title description?

5. Our Google Search Console errors and their evolution.

6. Main countries visiting our website.

7. Conclusions after 3 months of Website building, and our SEO strategy.


Let’s begin:

1. Our Website evolution during this 3 months.


In our last monthly special Post, our average Ranking position was 114 and now it is 95.6 , so we have improved a 16% our Ranking in just 1 month.


Moreover, on our last Monthly special Post (check it if you want “here“) we had received 37 Clicks in 2 months: 18.5 Clicks per month.


Now, we have 118 Clicks in 3 months (37 + 81): that gives an average of 39.3 Clicks per month.

  • We have doubled our ratio.


Users evolution during these 3 months:


We have a much more stable users presence now than a month ago.


Regarding Pages/Session:


Again, we have a better ground now than 1 month ago: nowadays, we at least have 1 pageview per user.

That simply means that we have at least 1 user per day every day in a sustained way.


But, what are our users looking for?


2. The Main Queries that lead users to our website.


Here, we have our first surprises:

Our users are very interested in applied examples.

  • You can appreciate that in the “Netflix Pestel” and the “Pricing strategy of McDonalds” queries.
    • Both are examples we have explained in different pages.


People is worried about “picswe”, the “junk” web that gives bad Backlinks to lot of Websites.


The Google Search Console data delay is also an important issue for our users.

  • Although we just received 4 impressions and 1 click, we didn’t expected it.


Hence, which pages are receiving more views?


3. The pages that receive more Users and Pageviews.


Precisely, as you can appreciate, the pages that talked about these Queries, are receiving more visits.

However, why is “Value Chain” doing so good? (compared to other pages).

  • We have other very good full-of-content pages that also could be very helpful to our users.


Probably, this question has no answer: maybe, on our Value-Chain page, we talked about something that is missing in other Google pages and that is why it is doing better than other of our pages.


However, lets analyze the Meta and Title description of our best page:



At first glance, it seems that there is nothing special.


In order to have something to compare, lets analyze together our worst page:

4. Our worst page.


Our “Costs” page has received 0 Clicks during these 3 months and only has had 7 impressions.


It is true that we wrote this page thinking about it as “complement” page since we explained much better how to calculate Business Plan Costs at the Template we uploaded at the “Templates” section.

How our worst’s page Meta and Title description look like?



It looks even better than our best page.

So… what is going on?


The Content: Our best page (“Value Chain“) is a very well-written page full of practical examples, while our worst page  (“Costs“) is a small complementary page that has one single example that doesn’t even talk about a famous company.


Meta and Title descriptions are not making any substantial difference to us. Only content does.


Now, lets talk about our Google Search Console errors:


5. Our Google Search Console errors and their evolution.

On our “How to solve Google Search Console errors” Post, we shared with you how have we solved the Google Search Console errors we’ve found so far.


We explained how we modified our robots.txt file in order to Disallow Google from crawling all the /wp-login.php/ pages that were causing us a Server error (5xx).

Did it worked? check it out:



From 17 errors we have now 6, from which 5 are still wp-login.php redirecting crawling Server Errors (5xx).


As soon as we modified our robots.txt file, we didn’t experience any additional (5xx) Server Error. But Google does not solve immediately everything: it needs time to fix the ones you previously had.

So, as soon as it has Validated all our (5xx) errors, we’ll just have the Sitemap “Submited URL marked as noindex” that, as we explained at that Post, is not really an error.


UPDATED (26 days later): Check our “47th day: Fixing Google Search Console errors – Results” Post for seeing the final result.

  • There we explain in detail our Pages with Errors evolution and more information about Valid with Warning and Excluded pages.


6. Main countries visiting our website.

Now, something that is just curious: which are the main countries visiting our Website?

* We show Impressions.



Since Consuunt is formed entirely by European members, we expected our website to receive most visits from European countries (maybe it makes no sense, but it is what we though initially) however, what a surprise: United States, India, Indonesia and Malaysia are our top visitors.

  • We expected USA since it is the World’s biggest economy.
  • And India, Malaysia and Indonesia have a GDP annual growth rate between 5% and 6.6%, so this makes really sense.

The global economy growth relies nowadays on Asia, so we are very happy about receiving so many visitors from these countries.


7. Conclusions after 3 months of Website building and our SEO strategy.

1. It is very important to check the average Clicks per month or week, since at first glance you can’t judge how well or bad your site is doing:

  • Until we didn’t calculated the ratio we showed you at the first point, we hadn’t realized that we have doubled our Clicks per month.


2. You have to be open to what your users are interested about:


3. Your Meta and Title descriptions are not important as you would think. Content is far more important:

  • We compared our best and worst pages’ Title and Meta descriptions and they looked exactly the same.
  • Only the content could explain the huge difference among both pages.


4. Google needs time. Not just for solving your preexisting errors but also for realizing what your site and content talks about:

  • We solved an error 1 month ago and, although it didn’t take place again, the preexisting ones are still being validated and solved.
  • Also, for Ranking and associating proper Queries to your site, it requires weeks.


5. Emerging markets are the future:

  • This is not, strictly speaking, a SEO advice, but you should keep always in mind that Asia is already playing and important role in the Global economic growth.
    • You may find Blogging or Web services niches there (we don’t know; it is just an idea that may be helpful for you).



As you may know, our SEO strategy is simple:

  • Write good and useful content for our users. Nothing else.

Not even our friends know what are we writing about nor what Consuunt is. Zero promotion is our “motto”

Why? Because it has allowed us to have pure data about:

  • Who is entering our Website.
  • What were they looking for.
  • From which countries they were.


We have friends and family from all around the world: If we had shared with everybody our website, we would’n know that easily our average user profile and whether our pages were interesting or not.

  • Imagine that our Costs page had 25 Clicks, not due to its content but due to an aggressive promotion: we would never know for sure how much should we improve it.

If we had promoted our site (using social media, friends…) we would have much more pageviews but the data we would have obtained would not be so useful.


For now, we’ll maintain this strategy.


We’ll take a week of vacation, so next week, we’ll publish daily again, we promise.

Happy holidays (if you have).

Thanks for being there.



Remember: in this section we talk about How we are building this Website: our SEO strategy, Theme and Plugins we use, our Real Results (Pageviews and Users we have)…

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