Saturday 17 August 2019… we’ll remember this day: just 2 Users.

  • Check our Post’s top picture.

We have had worse days, of course (with zero users) but we though those days were far behind.


This weekend has been terrible to be our 3rd month.

Our Pageviews:

Last week was not too bad to be August: on Friday we had 14 Users.


In our “37th day: Website decrease in traffic on Holidays” Post we explained that we observed a decline in our numbers on August.

  • We expected that, of course.


However we also expected to improve those poor numbers some days later.

It seems that the whole world is on Holidays (in a certain way, it is).


We are aware that our Website is just 3 months and 19 days and this last months, SEO improvements have been very difficult to introduce due to summer Holidays.

  • No views, no data, no improvements.

However, being the whole day writing, thinking, researching, improving, writing, thinking… is exhausting and even more when you receive almost not a single page view.


We are not complaining, of course, but we want to share with you that being full time dedicated to building a whole website from scratch is sometimes difficult.

  • As you know, here we share with you everything we are learning / have learnt so far while building our Website, and this is an important aspect we’ve mentioned some times: the Mood factor.


When you read that a successful website takes time and dedication, it doesn’t seem so difficult: you just have to stick to your plan and write, analyze, improve… but some days, especially when you have bad results, you get a bit “discouraged”.


What will we do now?

Develop more and better content.


Yes. We are building 2 new and interesting sections and… we have plenty of new interesting Topics.


We are absolutely decided to make Consuunt the place you really would like it to be. No matter how much time and effort it takes us.


Will we have bad days such as this weekend? Yes, of course. But together, we will overcome.

Good things take time, sweat and tons of work.


So, thanks for being there.

Tomorrow, more.



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