As you may well know, we’ve recently started a whole new section called “Data Analysis“.

  • There, we’ll talk about how analyzing Internet databases so you can “read” properly your customers’ needs and preferences.

Among all the different Tools and Analyses types we’ll explain, there is one that has been key for us: Google Trends.

It offers almost infinite data about what do people search on internet sorted by country, date…

We’ve recently started to use it for deciding which Topic may be more interesting for our users.

  • Hence, today, we’ll explain how can you use Google Trends for improving your SEO.

Today’s Post will be divided into 4 parts:

1. Why is Google Trends so important?

2. How can you use Google Trends for improving your SEO?

3. Google Trends examples of SEO improving.

4. Today’s Google Analytics report: Users and Pageviews we currently have.


Let’s start:

1. Why is Google Trends so important?

Think about this:

  • Who knows you better than your anybody else?
  • Who do you ask for advice on your darkest secrets?

The answer is simple: Google.

On Google, we ask for lots of things nobody else know.

As we explained on our “Data Analysis” page, on Google, we look for things we really like and or worry us the most.

  • We encourage you to visit that page, there we explain how important Internet Data Analysis is.

The information you have on Internet is the most “pure” and non biased information we’ve ever had.


Google Trends analyzes and gives you all the information about what we search on Google.

Why not using it for giving our customers/ users what they really want?


2. How can you use Google Trends for improving your SEO?

You may already have figured out what to do next: with all this information, you can design a Website section / Topic that better answers your users’ worries.

What you talk about and how you talk is the very key for having the best SEO possible.


Lets see it with 3 simple examples:

3. Google Trends examples of SEO improving.

These examples will give you an idea about how you could improve your SEO with some simple Google Trends research.


1. Should you start a Website or a Youtube Channel?

We talked about this same example on our “Data Analysis” page, but we liked it so much, that we’ll also mention it here:

You are decided to share with some of your users a new “section” that better fits some of their Queries.

However… you are not very sure whether you should start a new Website or a YouTube channel.

Then, you decide to make some Google Trend research (Worldwide analysis):

The blue line represents Google searches about “starting a Website”.

The red line represents Google searches about “starting a YouTube channel”.

You then realize that:

  • While people’s interest on starting a website is declining, the global interest about starting a YouTube channel is increasing.
  • Starting a YouTube channel has not reached yet the interest people had about starting a website.

Assuming that there is a correlation between searches about “how starting a YouTube channel” and the overall interest about YouTube (seems fair enough), you should be open to start a YouTube channel rather than a new Website: seems that people is moving towards more visual contents.


2. Should you write/ talk about football or baseball?

Now, imagine that you already have that YouTube channel.

You love sports, but you are not sure whether you should talk about football or baseball.

Again, you decide to check Google Trends (Worldwide analysis):

As soon as you see the results you have an answer: football seems a much better option if you want to have a chance reaching massive audiences.

* If you wanted to target certain baseball market-niches you would have to develop a much deeper research.


3. Should you write about your Cupcake or your Taco recipe?

This is a much difficult one: imagine you have a cooking website/ video blog, and you don’t know whether you should talk more about your cupcake or your new fantastic taco recipes.

Since you are a very meticulous person, you decide to consult Google Trends (Worldwide analysis):

How interesting these results are:

People have becoming more and more interested about taco recipes while, on the other hand, the global interest about cupcakes has been declining.

Now, they follow opposite tendencies.

If you wanted to success, you should start talking about your fabulous tacos recipes.


* Of course these analyses should be much better developed depending on what you exactly wanted (you could start searching for sub-Topics, region by region…) but we want you to understand the concept:

  • Google Trends has a lot of useful free and open information that can be very helpful not just for your SEO but for your Business decisions.


4. Today’s Google Analytics report: Users and Pageviews we currently have.

This website has been active for 3 months and 20 days.

As you may very well know, here, we share with you all we are learning/ have learnt so far so you don’t commit our same mistakes.

  • For example, we started using Google Trends few days ago… if we had known how important it is, we would have done it since the beginning.

Let’s see how it is doing:


As you may have already appreciated at the Post’s top image, yesterday we only had 7 users.

It is better than our terrible 17th August Saturday (yesterday, we talked about our worst day so far) however, we are counting down the seconds for the summer to end.


Regarding pageviews, yesterday we had 7 unique pageviews: just 1 pageview per user.


Although these numbers seem to be “apocalyptic” we are prudent about them:

  • It is mid August and we had a very positive tendency before these days.

We won’t change anything from our current SEO strategy.

Which is our current SEO strategy? Check our “monthly special Posts”:


As always, thanks for being there.

Tomorrow, more.


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