Today, we want to talk about one thing we realized some weeks ago.

As you know, we started this website from scratch.

  • We had no experience in SEO, WordPress, etc, etc… Nothing.


As we acquired more and more knowledge, we started to uncover some strange things about certain “SEO experts”.

Today, we’ll share with you which is the most common “Scam” in SEO we’ve found so far.


In case you don’t know, in this section we talk about How we are building this Website: our SEO strategy, Theme and Plugins we use, our Real Results (Pageviews and Users we have)…


This Post will be divided into 2 parts:

1. Most common SEO Scam.

2. Our today’s Google Analytics report.


Let’s begin:

1. Most common SEO Scam.

Once we started to look for information about what exactly SEO was and how it was supposed to be done, we started to find lots of “experts” claiming the next thing:


From publishing to Ranking number 1 in Google in minutes!


Then they showed a picture of their most recent Post/ Page giving evidence about it.

We tell you in advance that that picture is real. The Scam is not there…


We realized that it is not difficult to Rank 1 in Google if you look for the words that better fit your main heading, even if your Website barely has any visits (like our website).


For example:


  • Our Website is 3 months and 26 days old.
  • We currently receive 10 Pageviews per day on average (what, by now is almost nothing).

We recently published one Post that has had just 1 visit: “41st day: Our worst day“.


Our Google Search Console data: check how it has one single pageview.


Now, check what happens if I personally search on my Google “our worst SEO day”:



Among other results, we can find our Post Ranking number 1 on Google.

  • Now we could claim that we know how to Rank #1 on Google, don’t we?


But, what happens if we slightly modify the Query to “Your worst day seo”?



There is no sign of our Post.

But isn’t it Ranking #1 on Google?


Yes, but for a useless Query.

Check our Google Search Console data again:



Its real Average Position, for all the Queries leading users to it, is 115.


So, be careful about all that Guru-experts that brag about how easy is for them to Rank #1 on Google.

  • Ranking #1 on Google is not difficult if you look for the Keywords that best fit your Headings and Titles (providing your Headings and content doesn’t talk about a very popular subject).
    • Even we can do it with just 10 pageviews per day.
  • Ranking #1 on Google is very difficult for common popular Queries.


* Of course, there are lots of honest SEO experts that really can help you Ranking high on Google.

  • We only refer to those that seem to “live” from SEO advices rather than from their original Websites they brag so much about.
  • We just tell you: be careful. It is very easy to be cheated on Internet.


2. Our today’s Google Analytics report.

After warning you about all those fake Gurus, let’s see how our little Website is doing:


This weekend we had just 14 users (check the Post’s top picture).

Although these numbers seem to be very poor (of course they are) they represent a remarkable improvement compared to the previous weekend (we talked about it, precisely in “our worst SEO day” Post).



As you can appreciate, we had 16 unique pageviews this past weekend.


If you compare this results to those we had last week, you’ll notice how our tendency is going upwards again.

It seems that the terrible mid-August Pageviews season is getting to an end.

  • If this this is the fist time you visit our diary, check our “3 months special Post“: there we made a brief summary about our SEO strategy, how have we solved our Google Search Console errors, our “historical” pageviews since the very beginning, etc, etc.


Thanks for being there.

Tomorrow, more.

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