In our SEO diary ninth day: “How to fix Google Search Console errors” we explained which Google Search Console errors had we found so far and how did we solved them.

When we wrote that Post, we still could not assure you a 100% that our “Robots.txt” solution would work properly for getting rid of our Server Error (5xx).


Now, 2 months and 2 days later, we can show you our results.


In case you don’t know, in this section we talk about How we are building this Website: our SEO strategy, Theme and Plugins we use, our Real Results (Pageviews and Users we have)…


This Post will be then divided into 2 parts:

1. Our Google Search Console error-solving evolution.

2. Today’s Google Analytics results with users and pageviews we have.


Let’s start:

1. Our Google Search Console error-solving evolution.

Since we wrote that Post, we haven’t done anything else regarding our Google Search Console errors:

  • We haven’t experienced any additional error so far.


What happened to our Server Errors (5xx)? 


Although you can appreciate a slight increase in Errors from 25 June on, all those errors had a previous date to 25th June:

  • Google Search Console doesn’t update errors immediately, it has a Delay of 2 weeks approximately.
  • It can warn you today about an error you solved yesterday but that Google Search Console detected 1 – 2 weeks ago.
    • The date should never be later than the day you solved the issue. Else, the Issue is not solved.


As you can see, as soon s Google detected our new “Robots.txt” file, our Server Error (5xx) disappeared.

Which is the error that still persists? Check it out:


Submitted URL marked ‘noindex’.

As we told you in our “Fixing Google Search Console errors” Post, that is not technically an Error.

  • Your Sitemap is just Disavowing Google Search Console from Indexing it, that is all.


Google Search Console errors decrease while Warnings increase


After we solved our Server Error (5xx), we started to notice that our Valid with Warning pages increased drastically:


What was causing that? You probably have already guessed: Our new “Robots.txt” file


Although these Valid with Warning pages increased, suddenly, they started to decrease without us doing anything:

  • Google Search Console seemed to realize that it was not an error.


Valid with Warning pages decrease while Excluded pages increase


This is the last stop.

Once the pages with errors were already solved, the pages with warnings arrived.

And once the pages with warnings were being also solved, the Excluded pages increased.


Check how, immediately after solving our Server Error, on June 25th, the excluded pages started to increase.


While Google Search Console does not immediately solve your pages with errors, it prevent new pages from having those same issues, providing you have solved it, of course.


You can appreciate how our pages with Server Error (5xx) had been completely “solved” on August, while as soon as we changed our “Robots.txt” file, Google started to categorize that issue within the “Excluded” and “Warning” sections, not “Errors”.

  • That doesn’t mean that you can’t receive a 1 – 2 weeks old Error warning, as we said before.


2. Today’s Google Analytics results with users and pageviews we have.

What if we compare our numbers with that we had in that Post? (“SEO Diary: 9nth day“)

Our website is 2 months older and our numbers are much better:



While in our “9nth Day SEO Diary Postwe were having just 20 Users per week (check that Post’s picture), we now have 93: More than 4 times more.

  • Yesterday we had 17 Users.



While in our “9nth Day SEO Diary Post” we said that we had had just 2 Pageviews in the previous 3 days, yesterday, we had 25 unique Pageviews.


We know that our numbers are very poor… of course we know.

But when we see them with perspective, we are very glad about everything we’ve done so far.

Sometimes you just need a bit of perspective in order to know where are you heading.


Thanks for being there.

Tomorrow, more.

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