As you may already know, we use KLEO theme.


Once in a while, we receive a mail from Envato Market (where we purchased this Theme) reminding us that there is a new Update.

Believe or not, in the beginning,  we were a little scared as we were afraid of “modifying” something that would break our site.


Hence, Today we want to explain to you, step by step, how to Update your KLEO Theme in a safe way.


In case you don’t know, in this section we talk about How we are building this Website: our SEO strategy, Theme and Plugins we use, our Real Results (Pageviews and Users we have)…


This Post will be then divided into 2 parts:

1. How to Update your KLEO Theme step by step easy and safely.

2. Today’s Google Analytics report with: Users and Pageviews we had yesterday.


Let’s begin:

1. How to Update your KLEO Theme step by step easy and safely.

As soon as you receive a mail from Envato Market notifying you that there is a new KLEO Theme update, you have to:


1. Log into “Envato Market” and enter your “Downloads” section.

There, you’ll find this:


If you just want to download the Update, click on “Installable WordPress file only“.

  • You’ll then download a 6 Mb zip file.


2. Create a Backup from your current Theme version.

This is much simpler than it seems:

2.1 Enter your cPanel.

There, move to your “public_html/wp-content/themes/“.


2.2 Open the “kleo” folder.

Once inside, select all files (there is a button for doing  so) and, with a right click (or with other button), compress the files.


2.3 Find and download the Zip file.

The zip file generated will be placed within the same “kleo” folder and will be named as the first file you’ve got in this same folder.

Since our first file/folder is named “assets”, our zip file is called “”.


Now with a right click on it, you’ll de able to “Download” the file to your computer:

Once you’ve download this file, you can delete it from file manager 


You already have a Backup of your Theme so, in case something goes wrong, you only would have to extract this zip file in a folder called “kleo”. As simple as that.


3. Replace your old “kleo” folder with the new one that is inside the Updated version.

Again, this step is very simple:


3.1 Rename your “kleo” folder to “kleo_old” (for example).

By doing this, your Theme will be “deactivated” but all the files will remain intact within.

So, incase something goes wrong, you only would have to rename this folder to “kleo” again and it would be as if nothing happened.


3.1 Place your new KLEO version Zip file in the /themes/ folder and extract its content.

For extracting its content you only have to right click on it and select “Extract”.

It automatically generates a folder called “kleo” with everything inside.

We renamed the Zip file.


4. Check everything is OK and save Settings.

If after doing this your Website is… as always, everything has gone perfectly.

  • Else, you only would have to rename your “kleo_old” to just “kleo” (after deleting the new kleo folder generated) and everything would be as it was.


You only have to do one additional thing: Save your Theme Settings.

Enter your Dashboard – Theme Options – General Settings and press the “Save Changes” Button:


* We don’t exactly know why is this but it is ultra-simple, so… no problem.


5. Clean everything.

You did it.

But we recommend you one more thing. If everything is working perfectly:

  • Delete your “kleo_old” folder.
  • Delete the Update Zip file (from your cPanel).


You already downloaded a Backup of your old “kleo” folder and the KLEO Update Zip file is already in your Computer.

  • So, clean everything.


Maybe now you don’t see any problem, but in future Updates, you could get confused.


2. Today’s Google Analytics report with: Users and Pageviews we had yesterday.

Our website is almost 4 months: 3 months and 30 days.


Let’s see how it is doing (moreover, we have to tell you something important):


Yesterday we had 22 users (check the Post’s top picture).

  • This is good news (check our Posts from June or July “here” and compare the numbers).



Yesterday we had 25 unique Pageviews.

  • Our numbers are improving without any doubt.


* What we wanted to tell you:

We probably won’t do a “4 months old website” special Post due to one important fact: I’m about to be a father (the one writing, and editing all the content) my daughter will be born next week and… I’ll be some days off (logically).

  • In case you don’t know, in our monthly special posts, we make a summary about our SEO strategies, our best and worst pages… and what should you expect from a website started from scratch after X months.


We’ll try to Publish as much as we can, we promise. And, of course, there will be 5 months, 6 months, 7 months… special Posts for sure.

  • This is a long trip, and we’ll do it together.


Thanks for being there.

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