It’s been 2 weeks without Posting, but here we are again (I just became a father).

Of course, we’ll share with you how these last 2 weeks were regarding pageviews and users, but first of all we want to tell you about a new Backlink we’ve received:



In case you don’t know, in this section we talk about How we are building this Website: our SEO strategy, Theme and Plugins we use, our Real Results (Pageviews and Users we have)…


Hence, this Post will be divided into 3 parts:

1. What is Herberiedeceline?

2. What you should do with Herberiedeceline Backlink.

3. Our Google Analytics report from last 2 weeks.


Let’s begin:

1. What is Herberiedeceline?

As soon as we entered in our Google Search Console and checked our Backlinks, we realized that we had a new one:


We clicked on it and the Website… judge by yourself:


It is a Website with car wiring diagrams.

We can’t imagine why on earth would they give us a Backlink.

If you click on a certain “Diagram”, they require you to become member:


It doesn’t smell very good, really.

We think that probably, they share nothing very legal and they can only promote their website by giving random massive Backlinks since Google would never Rank their site at a significative position.


We don’t really know. maybe it is a legit site, but receiving Backlinks from a car-wiring website that requires you to become a registered member… doesn’t smell very good.

  • Maybe, they don’t even share anything at all. We haven’t registered.


2. What you should do with Herberiedeceline Backlink.

Nothing at all.

As we explained to you in our “22nd day Post: receiving undesired Backlinks from Picswe“, Google is aware about these websites.


A “Disavow” file should only be created at extreme situations since Google usually solves this problem automatically (after several days).

  • Our Picswe Backlink disappeared 2 weeks after receiving it without us doing anything.


In our “44th Post: receiving strange Backlinks“, we explained how we received Backlinks from:


Without us doing anything, Backlink disappeared.


Moreover, in case you are worried about your Site’s authority being affected, we didn’t notice any decrease in Pageviews the days after receiving these “undesired” Backlinks.


So remember: Do nothing. Your Website reputation won’t suffer at all.


3. Our Google Analytics report from last 2 weeks.

These 2 weeks have been a bit strange: As you can see at the Post’s top picture, the first week was not bat, but this last one… has been terrible.

Regarding Pageviews, it was a bit better, since some days we received just 6 users but 11 pageviews.

We’ll talk about the possible root causes that explain this decrease in traffic, in our next publication.

Remember: our Website is only 4 months old.  Here, in this Diary, we share with you all we are learning so you don’t commit our same mistakes.


Since I am now taking care of my daughter (and I am the only one that knows how WordPress works) we’ll publish a bit less these weeks: 2 Posts per week and 1 full-content Page (we’ll follow with Data Analysis and Business Ideas).


As always, thanks for being there.

See you in 2 days.

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