Here we are, 5 months later.

It seems that it was yesterday when we started Consuunt and it’s been 5 months.


Today, we want to share with you a big picture of our site as we did in our 2 and 3 month “anniversaries”.

  • We didn’t published a 4 months special since my precious daughter was born those days.


We think that this information can be very helpful for you so you know what could you expect from your Website in case you decide to start one from scratch (as we did).


We’ll use the same structure we used in our previous “monthly” special Posts so you can better compare the results obtained.


Therefore, this Post will be then divided into 7 parts:

1. Our Website’s results’ evolution during these last 5 months.

  • Clicks, Ranking, Impressions, Users and Pageviews/User. 
  • Google Search Console and Google Analytics results.

2. The Main Queries that lead users to our website.

3. Pages that receive more Users and Pageviews.

  • Best page’s Meta and Title descriptions.
  • Conclusions we obtained.

4. Our worst page.

  • Which is the problem?

5. Our Google Search Console errors and their evolution.

6. Main countries visiting our website.

7. Conclusions after 5 months of Website building, and our current SEO strategy.


Let’s begin:

1. Our Website’s results’ evolution during these last 5 months.


In our “3 months special” Post, the Average Position was 95.6, while now it is 64.8.

  • The improvement is remarkable.


Regarding our “Clicks per month” (an interesting metric we came up with last time).

  • We have 618 Clicks in 5 months: 123.6 Clicks per month while in our 3 months special Post, we had 39.3.


Users’ evolution during these last 5 months:


These last 2 weeks have been very good.

Our average users per day increased from 10 Users per day to 20 Users.

Pages/ Session:


Despite the slight improvement we recently observed (it can’t be appreciated in the graph) we are practically at the same point we were 2 months ago.

We have consolidated a certain amount of users per day, and our Pages/ Session ratio is increasing little by little. However, we still have to improve this metric much more.


2. The Main Queries that lead users to our website.


Here, we start appreciating very interesting data:

  • The number One Query leading users to our site is related to the Post we wrote regarding the Bad Backlinks we received (also the third Query).
    • picswe
  • Our brief and simple example of Huawei’s SWOT is bringing us lots of users (ok, maybe not lots, but compared to other Queries, it is).


Why is this interesting?

Because both contents were developed not expecting to be very relevant.

Be careful with what you write: You never know whether it will be you Number one source of Traffic.


Try then to publish “well-polished” content. All of it.

  • Else, the users you receive may regard your site as a low quality one.


3. Pages that receive more Users and Pageviews.


As you can see, our “number one” page is: “Product Mix“.

  • It has an Average Google Ranking of 21.

Since this page is performing very good, we looked at its Meta and Title descriptions (although we mentioned in the past that it doesn’t seem very important).

We then realized about one interesting thing:


Check its “theoretical” appearance, as it should be:


We used SERPSim in order to have an idea how, our Meta and Title descriptions look like.


Check now how it really looks like in Google:


The Meta description is completely different.


Why is this interesting?

Because it confirms what we suspected: Meta descriptions are not really as important as lot of people think.

If Google, after analyzing your content and what users look for, decides to highlight other aspects you didn’t take into account, it will change your Meta descriptions in order to optimize the traffic and reflect more accurately what you really offer.


4. Our worst page.


Despite being a very well written full-of-content page, “Raising funds for a Business” is not performing very well.

Although we have said that Meta descriptions seems not to be very important, let’s see how it looks like:


It doesn’t look bad.


What happens then?

If you enter that Page, it is a very dense page.

  • It just has 3 pictures and few “schematic” content.

The content is very good (we have lot of experience in this particular field) but it is not very “readable”; that is true.


That makes us think that maybe, somehow, Google has a “readability” index in order to classify different pages.

  • We also have observed that our “Cash Flow Calculation” Page, one of the best we have published so far (not joking; technically, it is a very good page that explains easily and step by step, a difficult concept such as Cash Flow) has received just 1 Page view.


5. Our Google Search Console errors and their evolution.


In our “How to solve Google Search Console errors” Post, we explained how we solved all the Errors we had in our Google Search Console (Server (5xx), 404…).

Some weeks later, we shared the results obtained with you (even in you solve them perfectly, Google realizes after several weeks) in our “Google Search Console errors Results” Post.


As you can appreciate, we haven’t experienced any new Error, so everything worked perfectly.

  • We just have the “Noindex” error that is not technically an Error.
    • It is our Sitemap not allowing to be Indexed.
  • Our “Valid with warnings” pages have been decreasing without us doing anything new.


6. Main countries visiting our website.


* This is where our last month’s users come from.

  • We think, this format, with the flags (generated by MonsterInsights) is much more interesting.

It is curious that we have received more traffic from Philippines than from UK, Canada or Australia (English-speaking countries) or China (1.3 billion people).


7. Conclusions after 5 months of Website building, and our current SEO strategy.


1. If you keep publishing high-quality content, your Pageviews and Users will keep increasing even if you don’t promote your content at all.

  • As you know, we don’t promote our content, not even among our friends, what has allowed us to obtain pure data about what our users are interested at.


2. All your content must be high-quality, well written and accurate.

  • You don’t know what your users will be more interested about.
  • If your users are interested about something you didn’t take care about, they will regard your site as a “poor” inaccurate not-trustable site.


3. You have to make your Page/Post Visual and Attractive.

  • Some of our best Pages (regarding content) are performing poorly due to their “density” and lack of “friendly” aspect.
  • Content is number one priority, but “Attractiveness” should be your next priority.


4. Meta descriptions are not as important as you may think. Just Content.

  • Google may eventually change your Meta descriptions based on the content of your Page/Post, so don’t worry about having the best Meta descriptions. Focus on your content.



Exactly the same one we explained to you in our previous “3 months special” Post.

We don’t promote our site. Nothing. Not even among our friends or family.

This way we get pure data about our users:

  • Where they are from.
  • What they look for.
  • Which pages they like the most.
  • etc.

Maybe, our Pageviews or Users could increase faster if we promoted our content, but we prefer having a solid growth rather than a weak unstable one.

This may not be the best strategy possible, of course, but it is the one we have chosen.

  • If we modify our SEO strategy, be sure we’ll share it with you here.


We hope this Post has been helpful for you somehow, that’s our goal.

Thanks for being there.



Remember: In this section we talk about How we are building this Website: our SEO strategy, Theme and Plugins we use, our Real Results (Pageviews and Users we have)…

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