In our “last Post“, we shared with you all our relevant metrics of these 5 months:

  • Pageviews.
  • Users.
  • Errors.
  • Best and worst pages.
  • Conclusions.
  • etc.

However, we want to use this Post in order to give it a more “personal” approach.


In case you don’t know, in this section we talk about How we are building this Website: our SEO strategy, Theme and Plugins we use, our Real Results (Pageviews and Users we have)…


This Post is divided into 2 parts:

1. What is like to be 5 months full time dedicated to building a Website.

2. Our weekly Google Analytics’ results.


Let’s begin:

1. What is like to be 5 months full time dedicated to building a Website.

It’s been 5 “non-stop” months:

  • Writing, writing and writing…
  • Editing, editing, editing…
  • Checking our Google Analytics, Google Search Console.
  • Picking new Topics.
  • Creating new sections.
  • etc.

We have enjoyed each day. That is the truth.

We really enjoy thinking about what to Post, what could be more interesting for our users and how to edit it in order to be more attractive.


However, sometimes, it has been a bit difficult:

  • Writing 5 Posts per week with 600 words on average, and 2 Pages with more than 2.000 words can be a bit exhausting.

It means that on a “normal week”, we’ve written, on average: 7.000 words.

  • That is a bit more that 20 pages per week.
  • We’ve written more than 400 pages, these last months.


The difficult part comes when you still don’t see a “significative” increase in users or pageviews.

That is when you start wondering:

  • Is this going anywhere?
  • Are we “hitting” the right content?
  • Do users like what we publish?
  • Is this content really useful?


We all need some kind of “reward” for our work:

  • A good week in pageviews you write more motivated, more excited.
  • A “poor” week regarding pageviews makes you very difficult to focus.


The point is: at the beginning, during the first 3 months (approximately) you assume you need more time to receive pageviews, users

  • And, since you are very excited about having started the project, you don’t really “care” about your website traffic.

But the 4th and 5th month, you start getting a bit “skeptic”: you start needing some traffic in order to be sure, you are in the right way.


After 5 months, a bad week can be very discouraging.

That week our traffic decreased (as we explained, we think Google kept our content 1 week in the freezer since we had done several minor modifications) and we got a bit “frustrated”.


However, we kept publishing good content (we think it is good; only time will tell) and our numbers increased remarkably (we’ll talk about them later).

  • Although due to my parental leave (my newborn daughter is my number 1 priority, as it must be) we can’t currently publish as much as did 2 months ago… (by now).


So, our main advice after these 5 months are:

  • Stick to your Strategy and Targets.
    • Don’t get distracted with new Plugins, Themes…
    • Once you’ve picked a Theme and the Plugins you need, focus exclusively on writing good Pages/ Pages.


  • Don’t worry about your traffic unless you see a monthly traffic decrease.
    • Ignore your “bad weeks” and focus on your last 30 days.
    • We know, sometimes it is difficult, but you have to try.


  • Don’t get obsessed with Google Analytics.
    • We know how fun it is, but it makes you lose a lot of time and also gets you distracted.


  • Keep writing about Topics you enjoy.
    • This is the most important advice of all.
    • Else, you would end up sick of publishing each week.


Keep in mind this last advice.

We’ve written a dozen pages that, by now, have brought us not traffic at all.

  • But since we enjoyed while writing about those Topics, we don’t care at all.


We think it is important to share this thoughts because, behind all those numbers we share in each Post, there is “Joy” and “Frustration” and you must know what to expect if you decide to start your Website from scratch just as we did.

  • We hope you do it much better than we are doing, that is why we share this Diary with you.


Now, let’s see our numbers:

2. Our weekly Google Analytics’ results.


As we mentioned before, we’ve experienced a remarkable increase in users these last 2 weeks.

  • Check the Post’s Top image.

Yesterday we had 35 users and this last week, we’ve had 182.

  • If you check our “first day” Post, you’ll notice that we were having 25 users per week when we started this Diary.
    • What an improvement.



Similarly, our Pageviews are also increasing: yesterday we had 42 unique pageviews.

  • Moreover, we are starting to have more than 1 page view per user.


As we always say, we want to be cautious: these numbers may vary, so we don’t want to get excited about them.

  • Non fulfilled excitement leads to frustration.


We can only say: thanks for being there.

This project would not be possible without you.


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