Today, we want to share with you another interesting and Free SEO Tool we’ve discovered:  Page Analytics.

This Tool is very useful for analyzing your own Website.


While other Chrome extensions we reviewed in the past, were very useful for analyzing other Sites, Keywords, Topics, Backlinks, Domains… Page Analytics analyzes just your site, since it is an “extension” of you Google Analytics.


In case you don’t know, in this section we talk about How we are building this Website: our SEO strategy, Theme and Plugins we use, our Real Results (Pageviews and Users we have)…


This Post, will be then divided into 3 parts:

1. What is Page Analytics?

2. How Page Analytics can be useful for your SEO.

3. Our today’s Google Analytics report with Users and Pageviews we have.


Let’s begin:

1. What is Page Analytics?


Page Analytics (by Google) is a Free Chrome extension that allows you to visualize your users’ interactions on your pages.

While Google Analytics shows all your data inside its platform, with Page analytics you can visualize on your site:

  • Where your users Click.
  • How many pageviews your Publications have.
  • Bounce rate per page.
  • etc, etc.

In order you to understand what Page Analytics offers you, let’s see how it works:


How does Page Analytics work?


As soon as you install it, you’ll see an Icon at your Chrome’s Top-right bar:  

Once your are at one of your Site’s pages, you can turn it on:  


Suddenly, you’ll see how Page Analytics generates a Top Bar, that analyzes the page of your site you’re at:


This Bar does not analyze your entire site, but only the Page/Post your at.

Moreover, this menu is completely customizable.

  • If you click any option above shown, you’ll be able to change the variable studied:


Page Analytics also shows how your users interact with/inside the Page:

It highlights, with small orange pop-up squares, where your users are clicking:


  • Which Posts are being Clicked the most in the Post-menu:


In this real example, we see how this Post received 20% of the total Clicks made by users that visited this Page.


  • Which links are Clicked the most:


In this real example, we see how this Link, received 35% of the total Clicks made by Users that visited this Post.


  • Which pages from the Menus are visited the most


In this example we could appreciate how Users that visited our “Product Mix” publication, visited mainly “7P Marketing Mix” and “Templates” pages afterwards (we didn’t know).


* Google Analytics has a very powerful Tool for analyzing your Users’ flow among pages. However, sometimes it is much more simple to visualize on-site these variables.


As you can see, this Chrome extension allows you to easily visualize how your users interact with your site.

  • It is a visual and helpful extension of Google Analytics.


But, how this can be useful for your SEO?


2. How Page Analytics can be useful for your SEO.

Sometimes, we take for granted a certain behaviors.

We all may think that placing a link somewhere will surely make our users to click it.

  • Thanks to Page Analytics, we know that users practically never click our best-placed links even if the page it directs to, would make them to understand the content much better.

We thought that our best pages would have the better bounce rate.

  • Page Analytics has shown us that, that is not always true.
    • If you have a wonderful page that answers all your users’ doubts, they won’t feel the urge of visiting more pages.

We thought that our links directing our users to our Templates (free, open and very carefully built up) would be clicked at high rates.

  • It is not the case.

etc, etc.


Page Analytics allows you to check your initial assumptions and optimize your content in order to build more engaging pages and improve your SEO.

  • Thanks to this Chrome extension, you can start focusing on what your users really want:
    • Best place for your Links.
    • Best Post descriptions.
    • Menu placements that make your users to click more on them.
    • Where to place your contact mail.
    • Why your Bounce rate is better on some pages than on others.
    • etc.


It is a Free and easy to use extension so, you should give it a try.


3. Our today’s Google Analytics report with Users and Pageviews we have.

This past week we have experienced a remarkable improvement regarding Users and pageviews.


As you may have already noticed (at our Post’s top picture) we have finally reached 200 users per week.

this makes us very happy.

Just 2 months ago, we were struggling for reaching 50 users per week.



Regarding pageviews, our target now is to “secure” 30 to 40 pageviews per day.

We usually experience a decrease is traffic during weekends, but we appreciate a positive tendency we’d like to keep.



As always: thanks for being there.

  • (I am still on parental leave so, sorry if we still can’t publish as much as we would like to).

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