Half a year ago, we started our Site from scratch without any experience about creating Websites or SEO .

It has been 6 intense and interesting months.


Today, we want to share with each one of you:

  • Which results we have obtained.
  • What we have learnt so far.
  • Our SEO strategy and why.
  • What can you expect from a 6 months old Site regarding Pageviews and users.


* We recommend you to check our previous monthly special Posts, so you can compare our results’ evolution from month to month:


Hence, this Post will be divided into 7+1 parts:

0. Our current SEO strategy.

1. Our Website’s results’ evolution during these last 6 months.

  • Clicks, Ranking, Impressions, Users and Pageviews/User. 
    • Google Search Console and Google Analytics results.
  • Pageviews per day we currently have.

2. Main Queries that lead users to our website.

3. Pages that receive more Users and Pageviews.

4. Our worst page.

  • Which is the problem?

5. Our projections: When will we reach 1.000 Clicks per day?

  • We forecast our results.

6. Main countries visiting our website.

7. Conclusions and Tips after 6 months of SEO and Website building.

  • Including Tips for people starting their own site from scratch.


Let’s begin:

0. Our current SEO strategy.

As we have mentioned several times, our SEO strategy is very simple and relies on 3 main pillars:

  • High quality useful content.
    • We always try to publish helpful and accurate content.
    • We don’t publish “just to publish”.
  • Visually appealing content.
    • We know that our publications may be a bit dense sometimes.
    • Hence, we try to use visual help: colored boxes, highlighted text…
  • Zero promotion of our site.
    • We want to learn:
      • How Google works.
      • What our users look for.
      • Which Queries bring us most of our users.
      • etc.
    • If we promoted our site, we would receive lots of users that would give us no information about their “organic searches” or what they were looking for when they found our site.
      • We want “pure” and clear data.


1. Our Website’s results’ evolution during these last 6 months.


Average position evolution (we didn’t publish a 4 months special Post since I was on parental leave):

The Average position evolution is undoubtedly positive.

* For our analysis we use accumulated data in order to have more solid results.

  • Our results vary each day so, although we currently have a better Average position than 54.1, it varies everyday. We want to use “solid data”.


Regarding the variable we used last time: Clicks per month accumulated:

Again, we observe a positive trend.


Users’ evolution during these last 6 months:


As you can see, our average users per day have increased from 20 to more than 30 these last days.


This last month, we’ve had 835 users with a clear positive trend (the dotted line represent the last month).


Pages/session and pageviews we currently have:



Although we increased significantly our users, our Pages/Session seem to be stuck in 1.3.

  • We still have to improve this number.


Total Pageviews per month:

With more than 20 users per day and 1.3 pages per session on average, math is simple:

We finally reached the 1.000 pageviews per month.


In case you are interested, our last month’s Average Session duration and Bounce Rate have been:

  • Average Session Duration = 1 min 2 seconds.
  • Bounce Rate = 86,87%.


But… What are our users looking for when the find our Site?


2. Main Queries that lead users to our website.

According to our Google Search Console, the Queries that lead more users to our Site are:


As we also appreciated in our last monthly-special Post (“5 months special“) that lots of users (for us, of course; 47 users are not “a lot”) are worried about bad Backlinks pointing their sites:

  • kwalai.com
  • stbarbmassillon.com
  • picswe

These are Queries related with bad or strange Backlinks.


However, “product mix example” has surpassed them all, becoming our Top Query.

  • Last month, it was not our Top Query.


3. Pages that receive more Users and Pageviews.


Our best page still is Product mix with more than 18.000 Impressions and 146 Clicks.

  • Its Average position is 14 and as we saw before, “product mix example” is our Top Query, so it is something we could expect.
  • Regarding its Meta and Title descriptions, we made an interesting analysis in our5 months special” Post, so, if you are interested about it, check it out (we don’t want to repeat the same information).


4. Our worst page.


Raising funds for a business” is still our worst page.

It is a dense and “difficult to read” page, so we are not surprised about it.

  • However, it is a very well written page with plenty of interesting content.


We’ll explain it in more detail in our Conclusions but, we have appreciated that: the more “readable” a page is the better results it gives.

  • No matter how important or useful your content is: you have to make it attractive and “readable”.


5. Our projections: When will we reach 1.000 Clicks per day?

At this point, we would like to find out when we could reach 1.000 Clicks per day.

For doing so, we have:

  • Downloaded our Google Search Console data.
  • Added different polynomial Trend lines with Excel.
    • We’ve used 2nd and 3rd degree Trend lines due to the study we developed in a previous Post.
    • Assuming a higher degree of increase in Pageviews or Clicks (4th or 5th polynomial degree) seems us excessively optimistic.
      • We wish it could be possible, but we prefer being conservative in our assumptions.


  • Obtain the Equations.
    • You can appreciate these equations in the Graph above shown.
  • Inserted them in “Desmos” ‘s calculator website (a nice mathe Site).


  • Then, we have intersected these functions with 1.000 Clicks per day (Y axis) in order to find when we would reach that amount of users.


According to these Forecasts:

  • If our Clicks increase following a quadratic (power of 2) Trend: in 960 days; 2.63 years from now.
  • If our Clicks increase following a cubic (power of 3) Trend: in 566 days; 1.5 years from now.
  • If our Clicks increase following a power-of-4 Trend: in 317 days; 10 months from now (not shown above).
    • We said we considered this approach excessively optimistic, but we wanted to know how much we should wait, even in this over-optimistic scenario.


* This is a very interesting analysis because, in the next months we’ll be able to check which Trend our Clicks/Pageviews are following.

Notice how, even in the excessively-optimistic scenario (an increase in Clicks with a 4th degree exponential Trend) we should wait 10 months (from now) in order to have 30.000 Clicks per month.

  • With a Page/Session of 1.3, this would mean 39.000 Pageviews per month.


As we pointed out in our “Real income you can make with Ads” Post; where we made a similar analysis obtaining similar conclusions:

  • Run away from “fake” experts that tell you how easy is to reach a million Pageviews per month doing X, Y or Z.

All our forecasts and estimations tells us that increasing Pageviews is not simple, easy or immediate (or maybe our site is not half good as we think it is… maybe it is that…).


6. Main countries visiting our website.


* This is where our last month’s users come from.

As a mere curiosity, in case you are interested, this is where most of our users come from.


7. Conclusions and Tips after 6 months of SEO and Website building.

Content is the first and most important thing.

  • Our best pages are interesting, helpful and full of content.
  • We have short but visually attractive Pages (few, but we have some) that have received zero Pageviews in 5 months.
    • No matter the Meta descriptions, Meta Titles, Pictures…


Visual appealing is the second most important thing.

  • Providing you have a very good content, you have to take care about its “readability”.
    • Our “Raising funds for Business” is a very interesting page where we share our professional experience in Venture Capital (acquired after years of hard work) for helping people while raising funds for their projects… And it is our worst page: only 16 Impressions in 4 months.
      • It is a very dense page, a bit “difficult to engage with”, to be honest.


Check and “listen” to your Queries.

  • Google Search Console is an extremely useful Tool. Use it.
  • Don’t limit your options to the Topics you initially thought.
    • We didn’t expect our users to be so worried about their Backlinks, for example.
  • Listen to what your users are looking for and what they are more worried about.


Having a Page/Post in Google’s first page doesn’t mean receiving thousands of Pageviews.

  • We have 2 pages that are currently at Google’s 1st page (for certain Queries): Product Mix and Scenario Planning.
    • As you know, in a good day that means 10 to 15 Pageviews from each one of them.
  • Depending on the Query Google associates to your Page and how “trendy” it is, you could receive more or less traffic.
    • Don’t trust “fake” experts that give it so much importance.
  • It is important Ranking high, of course, but don’t expect to receive a million users once you have done it.


You shouldn’t be the whole day in front of Google Analytics.

  • We have done it, of course.
  • Seeing a “blue bar” rising (represents an Active user) is very pleasing, we know.
  • However, most of the time, it is a waste of time (we mean being the whole day in front of it: Google Analytics is an extremely important Tool).
  • Check your Google Analytics 3 times a day: at morning, at midday and at night.


Be ready to receive users from all around the world.

  • Don’t make your content excessively “local”: try to talk about global issues.
  • Otherwise, your users will never engage with your site.


Be patient: Increasing your Users and Pageviews takes time.

  • We still don’t have lots of users, but with all the data and Forecasts we have developed, we can say almost for sure, that you won’t achieve 1.000 Clicks per day from Organic searches before your first year.
  • And that, using the most optimistic forecast we have analyzed so far.
    • We are talking about average sites created from scratch by people with no experience at all.
      • Professional web-designers managing lots of sites, with advanced promotion experience, surely could do it.


Don’t trust over-optimistic “experts”.

  • For the reasons above mentioned, don’t trust “gurus” that brag about how easy is reaching 100.000 pageviews per month, or how easily they make $4.000 a month with Ads.
  • Use our Site; Consuunt, as your reference:
    • You can judge whether our site is good enough or not, if our content is useful or not…
    • After 6 months publishing non-stop (our average Page is longer than 2.000 words) these are our numbers
    • And we are far away 100.000 pageviews per month, so… Judge by yourself.


That is all for now.

We will continue sharing everything we do and learn with you here.


As always: thanks for being there.


Remember: in this section we talk about How we are building this Website: our SEO strategy, Theme and Plugins we use, our Real Results (Pageviews and Users we have)…

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