If there is one thing everybody agree on is that long Posts do better at than short Posts.


Lots of experts say that the longer the Post or Page is, the best result it will have.

  • In fact, lots of SEO professionals recommend +2.500 words publications.


Is that true?


Today, we’ll share our  own results with you, in order to give an answer to the question:

  • Do long Posts really do better than short Posts? .


In case you don’t know, in this section we talk about How we are building this Website: our SEO strategy, Theme and Plugins we use, our Real Results (Pageviews and Users we have)…


This Post will be divided into 2 different parts:

1. Do long-form content really do better than short-form content?

2. Our today’s Google Analytics results: Users and Pageviews we currently have.


Let’s begin:

1. Do long-form content really do better than short-form content?

We don’t want to bore you with long sterile thoughts. Let’s see our real data:


Our best pages:

Last week’s best Pages

Here you have our 5 best pages with: Clicks, Impressions and Google’s Average position.


How many words do our best publications have?

* We’ll count real words.

  • We haven’t used a HTML-based word counter since they always give a higher amount of words as result (SEOquake, for example, counts HTML words not real-meaning words).



Our worst pages:

* Since there are lots of “empty-content” pages among our worst pages (for example “Members” Page, “About us”… etc) we had to pick one by one our worst ones.


Last week’s worst Pages





If you have 2 Posts or Pages with a similar quality, but different extensions: Does the long one receive more Clicks? 

  • No.


Check our “Raising funds for a Business” Page, for example:

It is an extent, very well written publication (we think so) where we shared our real professional experience regarding Raising funds (we have a lot of experience in this since we have worked in Venture Capital for years).

Maybe, it is too “dense” or too “boring”… But:

  • It is one of our best pages (regarding its content and Tips we gave).
  • It is +2.500 words long.


However it is one of our pages with less traffic.


On the other hand, check our “44th day: Receiving strange Backlinks” Post:

  • It is a very short publication: just 424 words long.

Although we are not experts in SEO, we shared our real experience in this Topic in a very transparent way.

  • Maybe, this satisfied more our users. We don’t know for sure.


Whatever it is, this short Post is one of our best publications so far.


Verdict: Do long-form content really do better than short-form content?


Not necessarily. We have not appreciated any Correlation in our own results.

  • Sometimes, your users will appreciate a more “precise” and short answer.
  • Other times, they will be looking for more extensive information.

It depends on the Topic, what your users were looking for…


Providing you answer your users’ main queries with useful (visually appealing) information, you have nothing to worry about.


2. Our today’s Google Analytics results: Users and Pageviews we currently have.


We finally reached 50 users per day.

  • As you may have already seen in the publication’s top image, we now have 300 users per week.

It is 10 times what we had just 4 months ago.



Regarding our Pageviews/Session, we are currently experiencing a “slight increase” from 1.3 pageviews per session to 1.4.

  • For 50 users, we want to consolidate 70 page views.


However, as you can see in the image above, the volatility in pageviews it remarkably high.


As always, thanks for being there.

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