This last month has been a “terrible” month regarding our Website traffic.

  • Why? Christmas.


To tell the truth, we expected this traffic decrease.

Last summer, we published a very interesting Post called “Website traffic decrease in Holidays“.

There we used Google Trends in order to “forecast” future traffic decreases and Christmas was expected to be as terrible as it has been.


But… how much traffic decrease have we experienced?

Let’s see our numbers.


As usual, we’ll analyze:

1. Our Website’s results’ evolution during these last 8 months.

  • Clicks, Ranking, Impressions, Users and Pageviews/User. 
    • Google Search Console and Google Analytics results.
  • Pageviews per day we currently have.

2. Main Queries that lead users to our website.

3. Our Best Pages.

4. Our Worst page.

5. Main countries visiting our website.


Let’s begin:

1. Our Website’s results’ evolution during these last 8 months.

Check how our Impressions decreased once December started.


How we know that it is due to Christmas holidays?

  • Because our Average Positions have not been affected.


If our traffic decreased due to a Google-Update Ranking modification, our Average Positions would have been affected, but they haven’t.


Users received:


If we check our Google Analytics’ last 180 days, we can better appreciate the weekly-users traffic decrease.

  • As you can see, this decrease began on the last weekend of November. What happened? The Black Friday.




It hasn’t decreased.

In fact, we appreciate a slight improvement.


Have we done anything different?

  • The only thing we have done that could have affected this ratio is improving the Website Building and SEO Diary section Index.
    • Now, our SEO publications (such as this one) are much better organized and Indexed.


Total Pageviews per month:


If  you compare these numbers with that we had in our last monthly-special Post (7 months special) you’ll appreciate (as you can see in the picture above):

  • 21% decrease in Pageviews.
  • 27% decrease in Sessions.
  • 26% improvement in Average Session Duration.
  • 5% improvement in Bounce Rate.

Maybe, these improvements in Session duration and Bounce Rate are “good signs”.

  • We’ll know it for sure in our next monthly special Post.


2. Main Queries that lead users to our website.


“Product Mix” Queries are still our number one source of traffic.


3. Our Best Pages.


Here we have a very interesting result:

Although our Top Query is still “Product Mix”, our Post related with Bad Backlinks has obtained better results… Why?


Because our Queries related to “Bad Backlinks” are much more diverse.

  • On the other hand, when our users look for “product mix” content, they tend to focus on fewer queries.


4. Our Worst page.


No news here: “Raising funds for a Business“.

As we explained last month, this interesting and full-of-content page, is not performing as good as we would like.


5. Main countries visiting our website.


This last month, Turkey has increased its position a lot.

  • Probably, non-Christian countries have increased their positions since they don’t celebrate Christmas at all.

It makes sense.

  • In November, 7 of our main 10 countries were “Christian” countries.
  • In December, just 3 of our main 10 countries were “Christian” countries.

So interesting!



If you are interested in our SEO Strategy, which Theme, Plugins… we use, we recommend you to visit our “Website Building and SEO Diary” section.

  • There, you’ll find a very useful index with all our publications sorted by Topic treated.


Moreover, you can also visit our “6 months special” Post.

  • There we elaborated a brief summary about everything we have done so far.

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