After some months Posting, Editing, checking Google Search Console results… We realized that we have some Pages not Ranking in Google.


We are not talking about Indexing problems or some kind of Sitemap error.

All our publications are properly Indexed but, for some reason, Google doesn’t Rank some of them…Why?


Today, we’ll find out Why.


In case you don’t know, in this section we talk about How we are building this Website: our SEO strategy, Theme and Plugins we use, our Real Results (Pageviews and Users we have)…


As usual, this Post will be divided into 2 different parts:

1. Why is my Page not ranking in Google?

  • Good publications not Ranking in Google.
  • Publications that Rank poorly in Google.
    • We analyze Real examples.
  • Publications ranking high in Google.
    • We share some of our best publications’ results.
  • Conclusions.

2. Today’s Google Analytics report: Users and Pageviews we have.


Let’s begin:

1. Why is my Page not ranking in Google?

You finally found the perfect Topic, the proper content and, after spending hours writing and editing everything you submit it to Google Search Console.

Weeks go by and your “wonderful” publication doesn’t receive any user… What is going on?

  • That is exactly what happened to us with lots of our Pages.


There are lots of potential reasons, of course, but we’ll assume that your content is good enough to Rank in Google.

  • Some months ago, we published a very interesting Post called: “How Google ranks your site“.
    • There, we explained how we think Google Ranks your Site.
      • We recommend you to check it our.



Well. After developing a deep research, we think it can be due to an excessively popular Topic.

  • It seems obvious, but it is not.


Let’s pick one of our Pages that are not Ranking at all: “How to be a leader“.


This Page is a funny and interesting publication were we talk about the best “Leadership” skills we observed in the most successful Businessmen we’ve met in our professional lives.

  • However, it has received not a single organic Click since its publication.

Check its Average position in Google Search Console:

  • There is not a continuous line.
  • There is not a Tendency at all.


What happens if we search this Topic; “How to be a leader”, in Google?


  • There are 2.5 billion results in Google related to this Topic.


Moreover, if we move to Google’s last page, we find this:


  • Google omits similar results.


Poorly Ranked pages


If your publication is Ranking, but not enough, its Average position tendency would look like this:


This graph is from our “4p Marketing Mix” publication.

As you can see, despite not being a super-popular publication, it has a “clear” trend. Its being Ranked.


What happens if we search “Marketing Mix” and “4p Marketing Mix” in Google?:


While “Marketing Mix” is a popular Topic; 450 million results, “4P Marketing Mix” is not that popular (2 million results).

  • Maybe we are not Ranking higher due to that 450 million related-results.


In fact, this page’s Main Query is related with “4P Marketing Mix”:

This is our Google Search Console’s results for this particular page.


But, what does a properly ranked page look like?


Page with good Average position


Let’s see our “SWOT” page:


This is what a properly Ranked page looks like.


But, is this Topic popular or not?


  • 49 million results in Google.

It is much less than 2.5 billion or 450 million.


Does it mean that you should always choose an unpopular Topic?

  • No.

If you do it much better than your competitors, your Average position will increase gradually, even if your Topic is very popular.


Ranking high with a popular Topic


Our “Product Mix” page, is one of our best pages. Check its Average position evolution:


But, is this Topic a very popular one?


  • Almost 2 billion related-results.

However, don’t expect a thousand Pageviews per day, we receive a moderate amount of Traffic (usually, not more than 10 users per day).

  • Check out that we’ve just received 400 Clicks since July (6 months since we published it).


Which is the “secret” of that publication?

  • We don’t know (we wish).
    • Nobody knows how to have a high Ranking position in Google for sure.
  • Maybe our other publications need more time before improving their Average positions.


How many results in Google should be the red line?


It is very difficult to establish, because there are always crossed Topics, similar-not-related subjects…

However, we have analyzed all our Ranked Publications and how many results there were in Google related to their Titles, establishing a “Google results limit”.


Of course, this analysis can be improved since some Topics receive Queries not directly related to its Main title. Nevertheless:

  • We consider that there is a semi-constant correlation between the amount of Queries received related with the Main title and the rest of Queries received (for a certain Page or Post).
    • If a certain Page or Post receives 100 Queries related with its Main title and 150 related with some content not directly related with it (the Title) this 1.5 relation must be relatively constant among different Topics (providing you use the same publication-writing style).
    • Hence, using Google’s results as a Topic popularity reference is more representative since we’ll use it in a comparative analysis.

  • If you compare the difference between Variables (Google results) the Constant C (relation between the Queries received related with the Page Title and the ones not related with it) doesn’t alter the analysis, no matter how big or small it is.


Maximum amount of results in Google a Topic should have for Ranking in a short period of time: 500 million.

  • Again: this is just an indicator. Of course you can Rank in Google for a Topic with more than 500 million results (check our “product mix” publication example above).
    • We just say that, as reference, if you publish on-average-quality Content Posts, you have more chances of success with Topics that have less than 500 million results in Google. That is all.




  • Popular Topics have it much more difficult to Rank in Google due to the pre-existent similar content.


  • Although it is possible to Rank high in Google with a popular Topic, it is much more difficult than if you chose a less popular one.


  • Google’s “Raw” results give a rough idea about how popular a Topic is.


  • Topics with less than 500 million related-results in Google have more chances of Ranking.
    • Assuming on-average quality content.


2. Today’s Google Analytics report: Users and Pageviews we have.

We have experienced a remarkable improvement this January (compared to December).

  • We recommend you to check our “8 months special” Post.
    • There, we explained how terrible Christmas holidays were for our traffic.



As you can see in the picture above shown, this week, our users have increased a 40% compared to January’s first week (2020).



As you can see in the picture above, our pageviews have improved, but the are still quite volatile.


We hope to re-experience the visits we had in November the next few days.


As always, thanks for being there.

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