Today’s Post will be short.


As you may already know, in this section we talk about our experience while building this Website: our SEO strategy, Themes, Plugins we use…


We were preparing everything for talking about a new Topic when we realized we had an unexpected problem:

Our Google Analytics doesn’t open at all. It says: Missing Permissions.


We only see this:

  • We have not changed anything at all.
  • However, Google Analytics says that we have some Permissions Missing.
  • Our Google Search Console works perfectly (we checked in case our Site is experiencing any problem).


We can enter in our Google Analytics’ different sections with the Side-menu, but not in the Home section.

We have checked different Google support pages in different languages and… It seems that “the whole world” is having this same problem.


What will we do?


  • We usually recommend “doing less than too much” on your Site
    • Of course, providing your Site works fine.


We’re almost sure that Google will solve this problem in few hours.


If we find something new, we’ll let you know.


  • As we mentioned, Google solved the problem 6 hours after experiencing it for the first time (approx).
  • We did nothing.


We’ll postpone our Post for Tomorrow, sorry for the inconvenience.

As always: Thanks for being there.

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