As you know, we started this Site almost 9 months ago.

When we started, we knew nothing regarding SEO, Website building, WordPress…


We decided to follow one simple rule:

  • To create good and useful Content for our Users.


Each month we publish a monthly special Post with our conclusions (the next Post will be the 9 months special Post) but we have not talked explicitly about this Content Strategy yet and whether it works or not.


In case you don’t know, in this section we talk about How we are building this Website: our SEO strategy, Theme and Plugins we use, our Real Results (Pageviews and Users we have)…


So Today, we decided to tackle this Issue exclusively and answer the question:


What can you expect from a Content Strategy for your Website?



Before starting, we have to remind you:

  • We don’t promote our Site.
    • Not even our friends know what we are working on (not joke).
  • We don’t use any SEO Plugin.
  • We have not shared a single publication in any social media.
  • We have not develop any Backlink strategy.
  • We don’t try to trick Google in any way.


We have followed a strict and pure Content Strategy.

  • And, remember we knew nothing when we started this Site (regarding Web building).


It is always difficult to assess how well this strategy works since each Site is different, the Topics can be more or less popular, etc.

The best way to evaluate this strategy is to share our real results(as we always do) so you can judge by yourself:


Let’s begin:

Pageviews evolution with a pure Content strategy


December has been a “terrible” month.


We had to wait for 6 months before reaching 50 Pageviews per day on average (1,500 per month).


After 9 months just writing and publishing high-quality content (check our different pages and sections) we have 2,176 pageviews per month:


As you can appreciate in the Post’s Top image (our weekly results) our numbers keep increasing.

  • However,we still have a lot of work to do.


How many publications do we have?



As you can see, we currently have 160 publications:

83 Pages.

  • 11 of them (approx) are short Pages (like About Us or section introductions that we may improve).
  • 72 of them are good full-of-content Pages with 2,000 words on average.

77 Posts.

  • Our SEO Posts(such as this one).
  • They are much shorter than our Pages.
  • 700 words on average.


How many registered users do we have?


As you can see in the image above, 15.

  • 5 of which are “ghost” users artificially created by us for checking that everything is all right.

The other 10 are real users.

    • However, none of them has interacted with the Site, by now (Forum, mail, messages to each other, etc).
    • They just registered (which we appreciate, of course).


How much are we earning with our Site?


Simple: 0€.

With this amount of Pageviews we see no reason to add Ads.

  • According to our research, we could be making between $5 and $10 a month  (approx).

We are currently creating content. That is all.


How much time do we spend each day on our Site?


Between 6 to 8 hours a day.

  • It is a full-time Job for us.


Is Content Strategy a good strategy for your Site?


Honestly, we can’t tell.

  • Maybe we are not having as good results as we could.
  • Maybe other Topics could receive more Pageviews.
  • Maybe our results are much better than average in our sector (Entrepreneur and Business Sites).


We can only show you our numbers and tell you why we like this Strategy.

  • If you agree or not, is up to you.


Why we use Content Strategy


  • It has allowed us to know Google much better.
    • If you follow this Diary, you’ll know that we get interesting Conclusions since we have pure non-corrupted data.
      • Conclusions that we always share with you, of course.


  • It gives us pure data about what our users want.


  • We have had time to develop much better content.
    • If we had promoted our Site, perhaps, much more people would have come when the Site was not yet ready.
      • They would have get a “bad” first impression.


  • We’ve had time to improve our Site’s appearance while we still had few users.
    • We have tried different Plugins, Colors, Headings…


We can only assure you one thing: Your first 6 months will be tough.

  • And 9 months after starting your Site, 2,176 pageviews per month may not be what you expected.


On the other hand, you’ll have pure and valuable data about what your users were looking for when they found your Site.

  • If you analyze it well, this can be priceless.

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