This February, we have been modifying different things on our site in order to improve the experience of our users.

  • Today, we’ll see what we have done and what results we have obtained.


We’ll divide this “special” publication into 6 different sections:

1. Our Website’s results’ evolution during these last 10 months.

  • Clicks, Rankings, Impressions, Users and Pages/Session. 

2. Modifications carried out this last month.

  • And what impact they had.

3. Main Queries that lead users to our website.

4. Our Best Pages.

  • And which ones increased their Average Positions.

5. Our Worst page.

6. Main countries visiting our website.


Let’s begin:

1. Our Website’s results’ evolution during these last 10 months.

Total impressions and Average position evolution.


If you compare these results with those we had last month (“9 month Special Post“) you’ll appreciate that, our Average position has increased.

  • From 41.3 to 38.4.


Users received:

The continuous line represents Users received in February while the dotted one represents January.


We have more than 2,000 users per month.



We appreciate no variation in our Pages/Session.


  • From now on, we’ll use our last 3 months for this variable.


Total Pageviews per month:


If we compare these numbers with that we had in our last monthly-special Post (“9 months special“) we have:

  • 35% increase in Pageviews.
  • 35% increase in Sessions.
  • 27% increase in Average Session Duration.
  • 1% decrease in Bounce Rate.

All our “main” indicators have improved.


Let’s see now what we have done this last month and what impact it had:


2. Modifications carried out this last month.

As you may have already notice, we have Modified our Home Page.

  • We have added a new Menu, which links all our different sections.

Our new Home Page menu.


Why did we do that?

Because we realized lots of users entered our Home Page but didn’t explore our content.

  • With this new menu we have tried to facilitate access to all our sections.


Did it work?

  • Let’s analyze our Home Page’s “%Exit” evolution:

The “%Exit” measures the percentage of Users who only visited a certain page: The higher the worse.


We Modified our Home Page on February 7.

  • You can appreciate a different trend from that day.

Only time will tell how effective this change has been.


3. Main Queries that lead users to our website.


“No news” regarding our Main Queries.

  • We have the same ones we had in our last monthly publication (“9 months Post“).


4. Our Best Pages.


Although we have exactly the same “Top Pages” we had in our last monthly publication, we have experienced a remarkable increase in our7P Marketing Mixpublication:


The evolution of our “7P Marketing Mix” publication.


What happened to this publication?

Why that sudden increase in Impressions?

How the Main Query of “7P Marketing Mix” evolved.


We checked its Main Query and noticed something:

  • It improved its Average position from 25.5 to 15.5.


In the general results (the first picture) it is difficult to appreciate an improvement in the Average position.

But, in the evolution of the Main Query (image above) we could easily appreciate why we experienced that remarkable increase in Impressions.


5. Our Worst page.


We have a new “Worst Page”.

Starting your own Business” has obtained worse results than “Raising funds for a Business“.

  • Although it’s been for only one less Impression.


Objectively, we think this is fair enough.


We think our publication “Raising funds for a Business” is slightly better than our “Starting your own business“.


6. Main countries visiting our website.


“No news” here.

  • Just mention that the Philippines and Pakistan have increased their positions and that the Netherlands has been replaced by Australia in our Top 10.



If you are interested in our SEO Strategy, which Theme, Plugins… we use, we recommend you to visit our “Website Building and SEO Diary” section.

  • There, you’ll find a very useful Index with all our publications sorted by Topic treated

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