Today we want to give you a small but important advice that you should keep in mind  when creating the Content of your Site:

  • Do not Cannibalize your Content.


Now, we’ll explain you why it is so important, and how you can avoid making this mistake.


In case you don’t know, in this section we talk about How we are building this Website: our SEO strategy, Theme and Plugins we use, our Real Results (Pageviews and Users we have)…


As usual, this Post will be divided into 2 different sections:

1. How and Why you should avoid Content Cannibalization.

2. Our Today’s Google Analytics report: Users and Pageviews we have.


Let’s begin:

1. How and Why you should avoid Content Cannibalization.

First of all:

What does Content Cannibalization mean?


Imagine  you have a nice Post where you talk about your favorite Cars.

  • This Post is relatively successful and receives thousands of Pageveiws per month.


Some weeks later, you write another good Post where you talk about the best Cars available in the Market (it is a similar Topic, but not exactly the same).


Once this second Post is published, you notice a decrease in Pageviews in your first publication.

  • What is going on?


Think about your potential users.

They are searching on Google about nice cars, and they find this:


What Post would you Click on?

  • … And Both Publications are yours.


That is Content Cannibalization.


How can you Avoid Content Cannibalization?


1. Update your Old publications, adding new sections, instead of creating a New page.

  • If your old publication is already successful, these new sections should also be of good quality.
    • Moreover, these new sections should be coherent with the previous content.
    • If you add non-related content, Google will realize and your Post may lose its good Ranking.


2. If your Old publication is not a very successful one, don’t be afraid of updating its content completely.

  • You have nothing to lose.
  • Maybe, you’ll increase your Rankings.


3. Differentiate the contents.

  • With different approaches.


4. Link your publications and make them complementary.

  • We made a deep analysis in our “How to Build internal Links” Post.
    • There, we analyzed our Internal Links in order to find out which ones worked better and why.
  • Internal Link-Building works much better with complementary-related content.


5. Just using different Titles and Meta-Descriptions doesn’t work.

  • Google Ranks Pages and Posts according to their Content, not to their Titles or Meta-Descriptions.
    • So, if you have 2 publications with very similar Content but with different Titles, they would be Ranked together.
  • In our “5 months Special Postwe demonstrated that Meta and Title descriptions practically don’t affect your page Ranking (and performance).


2. Our Today’s Google Analytics report: Users and Pageviews we have.

As you may have already seen in the Post’s top image, this las Week has been relatively good for us.



We are getting close to 600 users per week.



We currently have 3.200 Pageviews per month.

  • It is a good amount of Pageviews, compared to our previous months, but it is not enough!


As always, thanks for being there.

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