When we started this Site, we were not sure if our numbers were good, bad.


We looked for information on the Internet and everybody agreed: The CTR is the most important variable (or one of the most).

  • However, we haven’t found transparent and honest information about actual CTRs.
    • What to expect and when you should worry.


Now, almost one year later, with all the information we have on our hands… we are not sure about that and we’ll explain you why.

  • Moreover, since we don’t promote our Site in any way, our data is 100% clean.
    • Our only promotion is writing high-quality and helpful content.
      • Google does the rest of the work.
    • If you want to know more about our SEO strategy, visit our “6 months special Post“.


In case you don’t know, in this section we talk about How we are building this Website: our SEO strategy, Theme and Plugins we use, our Real Results (Pageviews and Users we have)…


Today, we want to share our real CTRs with you (from different pages) and what we have learned about it.

  • Is CTR as important as everybody say?


As usual, this Post will be divided into 2 different parts:

1. What CTR you can expect from your Pages or Posts.

  • What is the real importance of CTR?

2. Today’s Google Analytics report: Users and Pageviews we have.


Let’s begin:

1. What CTR you can expect from your Pages or Posts.

The CTR is a very “tricky” variable.

  • It measures how many Clicks you have received for each Impression your Page/ Post had (in percentage).

It seems obvious that, the higher, the better.


But, the trick is this:  It is a descriptive variable, not a constructive variable.


What do we mean by descriptive and constructive variables?

  • A descriptive variable is one that takes 2 or more inputs and provide some analysis data (a percentage, a ratio…).
    • These variables can’t be directly modified.
      • Usually, depend on lots of parameters.
  • A constructive variable is one that can be directly modified.
    • It is an Input.


And what happens with descriptive variables? What is the problem?

  • The problem is: you may end up thinking that it is possible to easily modify them by altering other important variables and sometimes, “the remedy is worse than the disease”.


Let’s use some real data so you understand it better:


Our best page evolution and CTR


Our “Scenario Planning” page – Google Search Console results.


Currently, our best performing page is “Scenario Planning“.

  • We published this Page 8 months ago.
  • We maintained the same Title and Meta descriptions these 8 months.
  • We have not modified anything on this Page since we published it.


As you can see in the picture above, its CTR was nearly 0%.

One day, on January, it started to improve.

  • Maybe Google compared our results with others and concluded that our page is “the best”.
  • Maybe, it is a Seasonal Topic.
  • Maybe, the Coronavirus Crisis have made people worry more about Scenario Planning (as we said in our last Post, it makes sense).

Now, its CTR is close to 2%.


Title and Descriptions are not that important


Look at these 2 Pages:

The appearance of our “Product Mix” page on Google.


The appearance of our “Raising funds for a Business” page on Google.


One of them is one of our best pages, and the other one, is one of our worst pages…. Can you guess which one is each?


If you follow this Diary, you’ll know the answer:


We won’t discuss the reasons now.

We just want you to think about this: Both publications have very similar Title and Meta descriptions.


The variable you should be worried about is que quality of your content, not your Titles or Meta descriptions.

If your content is good enough, Google will improve your Rankings over time.

  • Think about our Scenario Planning page: it took months for Google to improve its Average position (for different Queries).


Check our “7p Marketing Mix” page:

Our “7P Marketing Mix” page – Google Search Console results.


Another page that we published 8 months ago that has been improving its performance without us doing anything.


So, focus on your quality and wait some months before jumping to conclusions.


Having said that, let’s talk about what CTR you should expect from your publications.

  • And for doing so, we’ll share some of our Page’s real CTRs


CTR you can expect from your Posts or Pages


Actual results of some of our publications depending on their Ranking in Google.

  • We have selected the most representative Pages.
  • The results shown are from the last 7 days.


A Page ranking at Google’s First Page:

Our “Bad Back-links received so far” Post – Google Search Console results.


  • CTR: 10.5%
    • Impressions: 304
    • Clicks: 32
  • Average Position: 6.2


A Page ranking at Google’s Second Page:

Our “Scenario Planning” Page – Google Search Console results.


  • CTR: 1.9%
    • Impressions: 4,111
    • Clicks: 80
  • Average Position: 12.1


A Page ranking at Google’s Third Page:

Our “Ishikawa Fishbone Diagram” Page – Google Search Console results.


  • CTR: 1%
    • Impressions: 878
    • Clicks: 9
  • Average Position: 23.1


A Page ranking at Google’s Fourth Page:

Our “Resources and Capabilities” Page – Google Search Console results.


  • CTR: 5.2%
    • Impressions: 58
    • Clicks: 3
  • Average Position: 30.9


Wait a second… How is possible that a Page that is shown at Google’s fourth Page is having better CTR than one that is being shown at the third Page?

  • Yes. That happens.


If you want to know more about it, we developed a study about it and why this happens (sometimes, of course).

  • In fact, we even built a mathematical model that relates CTR and Ranking.

You can Check it out here: “More Impressions and Less Clicks? Here is Why“.


Of course CTRs vary in very different ways.

  • We have Pages with an Average Position of 64 (showing at Google’s 7th page) with a CTR of 5%
  • … And other publications with an Average Position of 11 and a weekly CTR of 0%.

It depends on how popular a Topic is, and if you’ve been so lucky that with just one single Impression you received a Click (for example).


Check it out:

Some of our publications with very different CTRs.


  • With just one Click, each Page has extremely different CTR.


The pages shown before are well-established and solid publications.

  • If you have few Impressions your numbers won’t be very representative.


Now, let’s look at our current numbers:


2. Today’s Google Analytics report: Users and Pageviews we have.

As you can see in the Post’s top image, we are now at the equilibrium point regarding Users received.

  • Our current target is to reach 600 users per week soon.


Since we have talked about CTRs, let’s have a look at our current overall CTR:

Google Search Console results from the last 30 days.


  • Our current CTR is around 1.9%.



Monster Insights results from the last 30 days.


These last 2 weeks have been a bit “unusual” regarding our Pageviews.

  • There is a lot of “volatility”.

Maybe it is due to the global “Coronavirus” crisis.

  • We’ll see what happens these next days.


As always, thanks for being there. We hope this information has been useful to you.

  • And remember: stay home and stay safe. This “coronavirus” crisis will be over soon.

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