It’s been 1 Year since we started this Site from scratch and no experience at all.


When we say “no experience at all”, we really mean it:

  • We didn’t know what SEO was.
  • We ignored how WordPress works.
  • We didn’t know what a Plugin was.
  • etc.

We had to discover everything by ourselves.


Also, we didn’t know what to expect:

  • How many Page View are a good or bad.
  • When is OK to reach 1,000 Page Views.
  • etc.

We looked for information on the Internet and, although there were lots of SEO experts and Gurus, nobody shared their numbers in a “transparent” way.


That is why we started our Website Building and SEO Diary section: to share our experience with anybody starting a Website that feels a bit lost and doesn’t know what to do or what to expect.

  • There, you’ll find a useful Index with all our Posts sorted by Topic and Chronologically.
    • We highly recommend you to visit it.


1 Year later we look back and think about everything we’ve done… and learned so far.

Here, we want to share it with you, as always, with total transparency.


We’ll talk about:

1. Page Views we have in our 1 year old Site.

  • Google Analytics results.
  • Google Search Console results.

2. Our Best Publications.

  • And Page Views they have.
  • How many publications we have.

3. How much time has it taken to reach 1,000 Page Views.

  • And, 2,000, 3,000 Page Views, etc.

4. Future projections.

  • Using Different mathematical models.

5. How much money we are making with our 1 Year old Site.

6. Our SEO Strategy.

  • What we are doing.
  • What we have learnt so far.

7. Tips for those who are starting a Site.


Let’s begin:

1. Page Views we have in our 1 year old Site.


Google Analytics 1 Year old Site results

Daily Page Views evolution since we started this Site.


We started our Site in May the 1st, 2019.


Initially, we thought that once users saw our Site, they would share our content and our Page Views would increase dramatically.

  • How wrong we were…

As you can see in the graph above, our daily Page Views have increased little by little until today.


Now, 1 Year later, we receive a little more than 5,000 Page Views per month:

Our Dashboard Overview report.


If you compare these results to that we had in our last monthly-summary Post (you can check them all it in our “Website Building” Page, in the; monthly-summary section) we have:

  • 37% increase in Pageviews.
  • 47% increase in Sessions.
  • 19% decrease in Average Session Duration.
  • 2% increase in Bounce Rate.


The good point is: Our Pageviews are growing at an average of 35% per month.

  • Session Duration and Bounce Rate, increase one month and decrease the following month.


We’ll talk more about our Page Views later.

Now, let’s see our Google Search Console results:


Google Search Console – 1 Year old Site results

Google Search Console results – Total clicks and Total impressions


As you can see, our 1 Year old Website receives an average of:

  • Clicks per day: 85.
    • Remember: these are Clicks from organic searches done with Google.
  • Impressions per day: 6,000.
    • Remember: this is the number of times our Page Titles are shown on Google.


Google Search Console results – Total impressions and Average position


As you can see, our Average position have been improving little by little.


That big oscillations you see at the beginning of the chart are typical on recently published Pages or Posts.

  • In our first few weeks, our data was a bit chaotic because all our publications were new (obviously).


Google Search Console results – Average CTR


Although we have kept the same Meta and Title descriptions strategy, our Average CTR have increased from 1.1% to 1.7% these last 6 months.

  • We don’t show the first 6 months because the big oscillations we mentioned before distort the Axis completely.


We developed a good research about CTRs and what you should expect.


Now. Given that mobile-friendly content seems to be a very important factor for Google to Rank Sites… The question is obvious:

  • Which devices are using our users?


Device Breakdown


As you can see:

  • 17% of our users used a Mobile phone.
  • 82% of our users used a Computer.
  • 1% of our users used a Tablet.


Obviously, having a mobile-friendly Site is very important but, for us, Computers are still the most widely used device by far.


New vs Returning visitors


We don’t have a reference so we don’t know if these numbers are good enough or not.


We’ll share our numbers with you so you have the reference we didn’t have:

  • 85% of our users were New users.
  • 15% of our users were Returning users.


And… Where do our users come from?


Top visiting countries

Last month’s Top visiting countries.


These are the results of our last month (they don’t vary too much during the year).


As you can see in the image, USA is our main visiting country.

  • India and the UK make complete the podium.


2. Our Best Publications.

Our Top 10 Publications – Page Views and Average Time on Page.


These are our 10 most successful Pages, and the Pageviews they have received this past year.

  • Our best Pages receive an average of 10 to 30 Page Views per day.


We are surprised that, our 5 best performing Pages, receive 48% of all our Traffic.

  • This can’t be good.

That is why lately, we have been trying to improve the quality of our content even more.


But… How much are we Posting?

How many Pages and Posts do we have?


Our Dashboard – How many Pages and Posts we have.


To this day, we have:

  • 90 Posts.
    • Where we share our experience building this Site from scratch (except for 3 that we did to test the Post system).
      • This “Website Building and SEO diary” section.
  • 97 Pages.
    • Our Business and Entrepreneurship publications.
  • Forums:
    • For now, our Forums are dead… We’re waiting for our users to ask us something, or share some interesting content.


On average, our publications are:

  • Posts: around 700 to 800 words long.
  • Pages: around 1,500 to 2,000 words long.


If you are interested in: how often we publish, the average length of our Publications, and what Strategies we have tried (and which one worked best).


Now, the million dollar question: How much time do you need to reach 1,000 Pageviews?


3. How much time has it taken to reach 1,000 Page Views.

Monthly Page Views since we started this Site.


As you can see in the image above, we launched this Site in May 1, 2019.

It took almost 6 months before we hit 1,000 Page Views per month.


We had a little traffic-decrease in Christmas (as everybody) but, as of January, our Pageviews have been steadily increasing.


You’ll appreciate it better with a graph:

Monthly Page Views Time Diagram.


As you can see, we needed:

  • 5.5 months to reach 1,000 Pageviews per month.
  • 8.75 months (8 months and 3 weeks) to reach 2,000 Pageviews per month.
  • 10 months to reach 3,000 Pageviews per month.
  • 11 months to reach 4,000 Pageviews per month.
  • 11.85 months (11 months and 3.5 weeks) to reach 5,000 Pageviews per month.


Is it good? Is it bad?

It is what we needed. We only know that.


As you can see, we need less and less time to achieve 1,000 more Pageviews per month.

We needed:

  • 5.5 months to reach our first 1,000 Pageviews per month.
  • 3.25 months to reach 2,000 Pageviews per month.
  • 1.25 months to reach 3,000 Pageviews per month.
  • 1 month to reach 4,000 Pageviews per month.
  • 0.85 months to reach 5,000 Pageviews per month.

That is a good thing.


You may be wondering… “But how do you set yourself goals if you have no reference?


We’ll explain it to you by forecasting when we will reach 10,000 Page Views per month.


4. Future projections.

Y axis: Page Views – X axis: Months since we started this Site.


In this graph, the X = 12 represent our current month (end of April 2020 – beginning of May).

  • If you look carefully, you’ll appreciate how the curve almost touches 10,000 Pageviews in X = 14.


We expect to reach 10,000 Page Views in a little more than 2 months.


Why? How do we know this?


At the end of each month, we analyze the number of Pageviews we have received and then add a Trend line with Excel.

  • We use different Trend lines.

We analyse their R squared (the higher, the more precise the mathematical model is).


Page Views projected according to different mathematical models.


As you can see, the Polinomical 4 has the highest R-squared.

  • So, objectively speaking, is the one that best describes the evolution of our Pageviews.


Once we have the “most accurate” mathematical model, we extrapolate the Trend line 6 periods forward (which represent the following 6 months).

  • This is how we set our goals.


Ok but… How much money can you make with these numbers?


5. How much money we are making with our 1 Year old Site.




We estimate that, we could be making around 25$ per month with our numbers, if we placed Ads with AdSense.

  • Our content is Business-related and it is relatively well paid.

Google AdSense is the most widely used Website Advertising program.


However, we have not done it.



For now, for what we would earn, we prefer to improve the experience of our users.

  • Sometime, Ads are annoying.


When will we think about Ads?

  • Maybe, when we have more than 10,000 Page Views per month.


But, what about sponsored content or other forms of monetization?


Other forms of Monetization


We don’t have sponsored content.


We have a PayPal contribution button in our Top Menu and, in 1 Year, we have received zero $.

Our PayPal Donation Button.


We don’t complain: We think it is normal.

  • We placed it thinking more about professional who would have asked us for help and wanted to contribute to our site, not because people found our Site and wanted to pay us.


We think it is important for you to know this fact in case you expect some Donation earnings.


And… What do we do to improve our results?

What strategy are we following?


6. Our SEO Strategy.


Our SEO Strategy can be summarized in 3 Main pillars:


1. We don’t promote our Website in any way.


We haven’t shared this Site even with our friends or family.

We just Write, Publish and Analyze our results with Google Analytics and Google Search Console. That is all.



We want to know How Google works: therefore, we need pure data.

  • Our Impressions, Average positions and visiting countries… are pure data from our real users:
    • Users that were looking for something related to our Site.


If we shared this Site with all our friends and family, we would receive hundreds of “artificially generated” Page Views that would poison our results.

  • They would not have found our Site by searching the Internet.


2. We don’t use any SEO Plugin.


As we mentioned in our “Why don’t we use a SEO Plugin?” Post, we discovered that 90% of SEO is How you write your Content.

  • Its Quality.
  • Examples used.
  • Titles distribution (H1, H2, H3…).
  • etc…

And you’ll only improve and become a better writer if you learn it by yourself.


Moreover, SEO Plugins are Big and heavy Plugins that insert code in your Site.

  • If you get tired of them and uninstall them, you would lost all your Title and Meta descriptions.


3. Helpful Content is King.


Forget about Long-form content, short-form, Catchy Titles and Meta descriptions…


  • In our “Long form vs Short form Content” Post, we analyzed our best publications and also our worst ones and compared their length.
  • In our “5 months Special” Post, we analyzed our best and worst publications and compared their Title and Meta descriptions.
  • In our “Helpful Content Rank faster” Post, we analyzed why some of our publications ranked faster than others.


The Main Conclusions we obtained were:

  • Length is not a determining factor.
    • Some of our best publications are 400 words long and some of our worst ones are +2.500 words.
  • Title and Meta descriptions are not as important as some experts say.
    • Our best and worst publications have practically the same Title and Meta descriptions.


The main determining factor is How helpful is your Content.


Therefore, we don’t focus on How Long, Short our Pages are, or What their Titles or Meta descriptions look like… We mainly focus on How useful our Content is.


7. Tips for those who are starting a Site.


Be patient.


Don’t expect 10,000 Pageviews in your second month, because that is unlikely to happen.

  • As you can see, our Traffic increased little by little. Month after month.


Write, Publish and Analyze your results.

  • Learn what works best for your content, and start again: Write, Publish and Analyze.


Wait at least 8 months before you assess your global strategy.


Why 8 months?

Some SEO experts say 6 months, but we think 8 months is better because in 6 months you’ll always have Christmas or Summer vacation in between.

  • And that affects your traffic, as you can see in our graphs.


We started to have stable and clear results after 8 months.


Think about what worries you, and write about it.


At the beginning, we tried to guess what people were most interested in.

  • And, our content failed miserably.


Then, we started writing about what we were most concerned about and how we solved it.

  • What content is not adequately explained on the Internet.
  • What was useful for us in the past.
  • etc…

Our results started to improve (little by little, but they improved).


Google Search Console is your best ally.


Most of the people focus just on Google Analytics.


Of course, Google Analytics is important, but Google Search Console gives you data on what your users were looking for when they found your Site.

  • This is usually much more valuable than average page time, bounce rate, or any other technical factor.


Look at your Queries, and study what your users are looking for.

  • Then, offer them what they are looking for in the best possible way.


Don’t be obsessed with posting every day.


As we explained in our “How many Blog Posts you should write per month” Post, in the beginning, we published every day.


But, after 1 and a half months, we were exhausted.

  • Moreover, the quality of our content was notably improvable.
    • We had to rewrite few things later.


Then we started publishing 3 times a week but with better quality.

  • Although we published less than half of what we used to, our Page Views remained intact.


Hear what SEO experts say, but don’t trust them too much.


Many SEO experts use their authority to promote products (Plugins, Themes, Sites…) in exchange for a large amount of money.


Since there are no common international laws to regulate it, sometimes, you don’t know if what they say is genuine or if they are paid to recommend a certain product.

  • Also, even if there is a law, it is almost impossible to track certain payments.



We hope that all this information has been useful to you in some way.

  • We wish we would have had this data a year ago.


Remember: In our “Website Building and SEO Diary” you’ll find all our Website and SEO related Posts.

  • In our first publications, we had zero users per day so, it is very interesting to see how our Pageviews evolved over time and how we solved the problems we encountered.


As always: thanks for being there.

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