This May, has been a “weak” month for our Website traffic.

  • It started very well but, the last 2 weeks were not very good (as you can see in our weekly Posts).


As in every Monthly Special Post, we’ll now analyze our metrics from this past month.

  • May 2020.


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  • There you will find all our SEO-related content perfectly ordered by Topic treated (Reviews, Tips, How Google Search Console works, etc).


(I should have published this post 4 days ago, but I had a little personal problem: my precious 9 month old daughter basically hasn’t slept in these last 4 days…)


We’ll divide this 13th monthly publication into 6 different sections:

1. Our Website’s results’ evolution during these last 13 months.

  • Clicks, Rankings, Impressions, Users and Pages/Session. 

2. Modifications carried out this last month.

  • And what impact they had.

3. Main Query that lead users to our website.

4. Our Best Pages.

  • And their Impressions, Clicks and CTR.

5. Our Worst page.

6. Main countries visiting our website.


Let’s begin:

1. Our Website’s results’ evolution during these last 13 months.

Total Impressions and Average position evolution.


As you can see, our Impressions kept stable and even decreased in May.

  • We will explain you why we believe this happened in a moment.


Users received:

The continuous line represents Users received in May while the dotted one represents April.


We currently have 4,300 users per month and 5,100 Sessions.

  • Our best result so far but, as we mentioned before, we are concerned about the percent increase.
    • In late May it has slowed down a bit.




  • We don’t see any significant variation.


Total Pageviews per month:


  • We received 6,530 Pageviews per month.


Let’s compare these results with the ones we had last month:

  • 22% increase in Pageviews.
  • 19% increase in Sessions.
  • 21% increase in Average Session Duration.
  • 1% decrease in Bounce Rate.


This increase in Pageviews is less than the increases we had in past months.

  • Last months we had +30% monthly increases in Pageviews.


However, our Average Session Duration has improved remarkably.


2. Modifications carried out this last month.

In the SEO Section, we have started to Test different Plugins, Themes… In a Completely New Site we created.


In this way, we can analyze different Add-ons and evaluate:

  • If they are useful.
  • If they Slow down the Site.
  • If they are better than the ones we already use.
  • etc.

… Without jeopardizing or slowing down our Site (Consuunt).


We have started by checking how different Elements affect the Speed of a Site.


If you are interested about it, check the Posts:


We will know if people are interested in this content in the coming weeks.

  • We really think it is a very interesting approach.


3. Main Query that lead users to our website.


As we mentioned in our last month Special Post (our 1st Year special) since the coronavirus crisis started, our Scenario Planning publication became more popular.

  • We can’t be 100% sure of the relationship between these two variables, but it makes sense.
    • In “uncertain times”, Scenario Planning is vital.


Scenario Planning Page results.


But … As the coronavirus crisis passed, people became less and less interested in this particular topic.

  • Therefore, Impressions and Clicks decreased.


That is why we believe that the last two weeks of May have been so weak.


4. Our Best Pages.


As you can see in the image above, our best pages don’t vary too much from month to month.

  • These are our 13-month results: that’s why “Scenario Planning” is not our number 1 page.


5. Our Worst page.


We have a “new worst page”.

Our “Communicate Effectively” publication has not been as successful as we hoped (by now).


It is a funny page where we analyze the communication process and how you can improve in this Skill.

  • Based on our professional experience in different Business situations (meetings, leading people, firing employees, etc).


What is the problem then?

  • The Topic is extremely popular.


As we explained in our “Why is my Page not ranking in Google?” Post, if you write on a very popular Topic, it will be very difficult for you to even Rank on Google.

  • If this is your case, we highly recommend you to check that publication.


6. Main countries visiting our website.

Top visiting countries – Results of our last month (May 2020).


The United States remains our number one visiting country.


We are surprised by the number of visitors we received from the United Arab Emirates.

We received more visits from the UAE (population of 10 million) than from Germany (population of 90 million) or Pakistan (population of 200 million).


It is very interesting!



Remember: if you are interested in our SEO Strategy, which Theme, Plugins… we use, we recommend you to visit our “Website Building and SEO Diary” section.

  • There, you’ll find a very useful Index with all our publications sorted by Topic treated

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